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Kambrook 3 Way Egg Cooker

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Kambrook 10 Cup Rice Cooker

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Cookers and steamers are widely regarded as one of the most effective and healthy methods to prepare your favourite foods exactly the way you want them. Whether you enjoy preparing the finest Rice Cooker and Steamer Recipes or veggies, you can cook or steam them delicately without adding any extra fat.

However, finding the best and most qualified, as well as a value cooker or steamer, does not appear to be as simple as you may assume. There are a plethora of companies and distributors claiming to provide the best products for preparing your meals. Well, Kambrook Cookers and Steamers in Australia stand out from the competition – thanks to their quality, design, and most important of all, affordable rates.

About Kambrook

Kambrook has been a part of people's lives all across the world for more than 45 years. In 1964, Australian inventor Frank Bannigan created the company in a suburban garage and called it after the road he lived on. The company has come a long way since its first big product, the 4-way power board, and its sponsorship of one of Australia's all-time favourite TV shows, Young Talent Time. Kambrook products are subjected to rigorous durability testing both inside and outside the laboratory before reaching customers.

Kambrook’s products are intended to cook a range of meals. For instance, there are a number of Rice Cookers and Steamers that come with a rice bowl, which is a little dish inside the steaming section to steam the rice. Although this method of cooking rice takes a bit longer, the final outcome is excellent. They also have a variety of other features to entice, such as easy-to-clean, a timer option for different foods, a water level indicator, and a keep-warm function.

Best Kambrook Cookers and Steamers to Choose

Do you know How to Use Kambrook Cookers and Steamers even if you are completely new to such digital technology? We have compiled a selection of some of Kambrook’s best-selling cookers and steamers, all of which come with a user manual to get you began. Let’s have a glance at what’s below:

This Kambrook Temp Control Slow Cooker will revolutionise your kitchen! With three cooking modes to choose from, including programming, probe, and manual, you'll be able to prepare a broad variety of foods. It's the ideal housewarming present. It also offers a warm mode that keeps cooked items warm for a defined amount of time and a user-friendly control panel.

Kambrook's Health Steam Plus Multi-Cooker will transform your kitchen! To provide optimum culinary variety and convenience, this one device combines the functions of a slow cooker, steamer, and rice cooker. It's the ideal homecoming gift. It has a delay start option that lets you specify the finish cooking time up to 24 hours in advance. In addition, a toughened glass top is offered for easier viewing, and the Slow Cooker may be set to Low or High heat.

With this rice cooker, dinner will be a breeze. With a quick heat-up time and a steam-trapping top, your rice will be perfectly cooked in no time. Kambrook is the place to go for a fluffy, soft, pillowy experience. It takes up as little room as possible thanks to its small design. Keep warm, water level indication, non-stick, and a locking-jar type lid are just a few of the additional features.

This Kambrook 3-way egg cooker will redefine your kitchen! In only a few minutes, you can prepare up to eight soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. It's the ideal welcoming present. A second tray may be used to poach up to three eggs or make three small omelettes. In addition, the Kambrook 3-Way Egg Cooker has an audible buzzer that will alert you when the eggs are done.

The Kambrook stainless-steel cooker is small yet powerful, with a 5 cup serving size that yields 10 servings of cooked rice. The cooker's precisely locked lid traps steam within, ensuring that the ingredients inside are fully cooked. Because of the stainless-steel cooker's simple one-touch operation, it's a breeze to use. The Keep Warm feature preserves the rice at the ideal temperature while preventing overcooking. The steamer has a steaming tray, which allows you to prepare items like vegetables and seafood.

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