Kaenonis a luxury brand of glasses based in Newport Beach, California. Kaenon brand was founded in 2001 by elite sailors and brothers named as Steve and Darren Rosenberg. The founders of the brand are specialized in making high-efficiency sunglasses. All Kaenon sunglasses which are manufactured were patented by powerful sr-91 polarized lenses which can protect your eyes from any ultraviolet rays.

Price and Availability

Kaenon's sunglasses collection includes three categories: outstanding performance, stability, and Korean features. The metal alloy frame and tr-90 frame are available and manufactured in Italy. Because the brand produces functional sunglasses, most of the glasses displayed have eight main curves. They have recently added to their line of commodities several of the six basic bending patterns. Kaenon sunglasses price in Australia ranges from $250 to $500 AUD. Here above, we have enlisted some of the best brand's products.