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A cosmetics manufacturing brand named Jurlique in Australia is known for its natural botanical-based products, i.e., skincare and cosmetics. The company has been considered ethical as well as environmentally-friendly, offering products not only in Australia but worldwide.  Jurlique started its journey back in 1980 in Australia by Ulrike and Jurgen Klein.

The Ulrike is a horticulturalist and botanist specialized whereas Jurgen is a biochemist and naturopath who has actually created formulas for skincare products.

The reason behind Jurlique was to help people to get connected back to nature as it’s quite important for all of us as human beings, Ulrike Klein and Jurlique said. Since 1980, Ulrike Klein and Jurlique are doing hard to manage and protect their natural assets to continue challenging what’s possible from natural skin.

And that’s the major reason they wouldn’t work any other way. By using natural ingredients and formulas, Jurlique creates products, such as Cleansers, Serums & Treatments, Herbal Recovery Anti-Aging products, Body moisturizers, Hair Care, and more.

Best of all, Jurlique Prices are very much affordable, no matter whether you through their SPA menu or buy any other product offered.

Jurlique Products

The ongoing Jurlique Sale on different products under different categories helps you shop for your desired skin care products and cosmetics without spending a fortune. They have a plethora of new products for your face, hands, hair, and body to shop from. They, too, offer flexible shipping options for the convenience of their customers, which is a big assistance. Their major products are as follow:

The cleaners are designed to remove make-up and pollutants carefully as the first important step into a skincare routine. It’s filled with nutritious botanical extracts to keep the skin smooth and dry. There is an ideal face-washing method for all skins with spray, foaming, lotion, and oil formulations.

A serum is a high-performance processing step that can address a number of skin problems after the washing and before a facial oil or moisturiser. Your facial serum is enhanced by highly effective botanical extracts for hydration, regeneration, and skin rebalance. The material is lightweight and absorbed quickly for instant comfort.

The moisturising and nourishing benefits of a premium facial moisturiser will help not only dry but dehydrated skin as well. This is an important part of every routine for skincare, which re-balances the skin and protects it from environmental attackers. Each moisturiser has plant-based ingredients, making it soft and easy to indulge in the skin.

An enriched luxury face oil with the finest botanicals leaves the skin nourished and radiant. Their premium skin oils are ideal for all skin types as well as dry or dehydrated skin. They are absorbed fast and leave no residua oiliness and a good dry finish.

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SPA Menu

Whether you’re looking for hydrating body massage, express facial, and much more, Jurlique’s SPA treatment has got you covered. Their SPA offers include Express Facials, Ultimate Signature Facials, Classic Signature Facials, Body Treatments, Enhancements, Treatment Packages, and Treatment Loyalty Program.

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