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Junya Watanabe needs no introduction. The company is an eponymous high fashion label of a design who belongs to Japan. The founder started its journey at COMME Des GARCONS, where he established marvellously designed aesthetic and advanced textiles and fabrics.

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Every designed product of Junya Watanabe reflects the principles of the founder’s mentor Kawakubo, but he takes a personal approach to his textile. Each season it shifts drastically and takes a step forward in future designs, such as wrapping neon punks or abstract oriental wear with poetic, strong white wear. Through random tucking and plating or ruching, he gives an irregular touch to his clothing.

Notable lack of glamour, sound and colour is his design shows, and he keeps an immense distance between his models that walk on the catwalk so that the viewers of every design as it appears can pay full attention.

Back in 1995, his collection consisted of boiled wool and black leather with model tattoos. Later in 1997, he made his own mark on flowers, designs which seemed to be cocooned in Japanese style but which were traditional from the front and cut off at the back to expose baggy torn pants. Each outfit was topped with a wig-like pliable turban.

Junya Watanabe Products

Customer’s satisfaction is, undoubtedly, the first and foremost priority of Junya Watanabe. Thus, they are striving to offer their valued customers the highest quality clothing items at unmatched rates. With exceptional and exquisite quality products and services, Junya Watanabe in Australia has maintained the highest degree of customer satisfaction, and some of its top-rated products are listed below.

  • Jacquard Trench Coat

It’s company’s traditional double-breasted Trench Coat that goes romantic – thanks to its tactile golden blooms.

  • Floral Patchwork Cardigan

Junya Watanabe with its Floral Patchwork Cardigan mashes up a fine-gauge wool cardigan as well as a floral frock for a dazzling and beautiful look.

  • Mixed Media Pleated Midi Skirt

On this swingy plucked skirt, glossy satin and two kinds of microfloral prints strike a balance between grungy and romantic.

  • Diego’s Burgers Cotton T-Shirt

Junya Watanabe will give you a taste of what this world is going to offer with a T-shirt of cotton with a photo for a fictional burger joint from Argentina.

  • Floral Patchwork UCLA Hoodie

For a look that combines collaborative spirit with a couture sensibility, Junya Watanabe splits a UCLA hoodie and a flowing floral printer together.

  • Mixed Media Long Sleeve Midi Shirtdress

Vintage Blooms and Swatches of Polka dots both are rubbed together for this midi fashion off-kilter.

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