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GPS was one of the first accessible car gadgets worldwide, which is now one of the essential elements in cars. Over time they have adapted perfectly to the tastes and preferences of the driver. Today, they not only guide us, but they also work hands-free, integrate parking cameras and can even play music or surf the internet. Junsun Australia is one of the best-selling GPS brands and too one of the best alternatives to expensive brands.

Junsun team working on manufacturing the top-rated products since 2005 but the Brand came into existence in 2005 and from now on the Junsun Australia is offering quality, reliability, and highly efficient products worldwide.

The best GPS of the Junsun brand

Junsun, Australia has more than 130 different products. Although this brand is mainly focused on car navigators, they also manufacture other products such as hands-free, car DVDs, radar detectors, and mirrors with the Android system, always trying to integrate them with GPS technology. That's why we offer you the most exciting products of Chinese Brand “Junsun”, separated by categories. If you want to take a look at all its products, visit our store.

DVR cameras: Protect Your Car

The latest technology in automotive is to incorporate cameras in the vehicle, either to protect it from possible thefts, to help us park, or to have graphic material for the insurer in the event of an accident. Junsun Australia has both systems at low prices.

Among all its cameras the Junsun H7 ADAS model is one of the top-rated and top-selling products. With it, you can not only record everything that happens in the front, but it also has a rear camera with parking assistance system. The primary camera has a Full HD quality at 30 fps while the rear camera is VGA.

Thanks to its wide-angle lens with 170º of the visual field in the front camera and its 12 megapixels we will not lose a single detail, so it is ideal as a security camera in case of an accident. It has a 4 inch LCD screen scratch-resistant IPS where we can control the cameras and play the videos they have recorded. Finally, this system incorporates an ADAS sensor system that can notify us if we are skipping a continuous line or if we are too close to the front car.

Rearview Mirror with Android System: All in One

The rearview mirror of our car is handy, but it occupies a very privileged situation on our windshield. That is why in recent years these products have become very fashionable.

Among its best-selling models, two highlights differ in their connectivity: 3G or 4G. However, the best seller is the first for its best value for money. This mirror has a 7-inch screen and is designed to replace your current mirror. It has a camera with Full HD quality, rear camera with parking system, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth hands-free, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory.

GPS for car: Excellent Value for Money

Global positioning systems have been reinvented and now have many more functions, so they have become a real personal assistant at your fingertips. Usually, the GPS has a 7-inch capacitive HD quality screen, 8GB of internal memory, 3D navigation maps; free map updates, hands-free and allows you to play music and videos in various formats.

Tire Pressure Control System: Maximum Driving Safety

This system, also called TPMS, allows us to have controlled and monitor the pressure of our tires, which is an excellent way to increase the security of our vehicles. European cars have had this system since 2004 thanks to a law that obliges all manufacturers to incorporate it, but if your car does not have it, this system will alert you when the wheels do not have enough pressure.

However, while most cars incorporate a system that only alerts when you notice a general lack of pressure, those of the Junsun Australia are complete, you have them all on this link. One of the best sellers is the one you can see below, and it has information on all four wheels. Your monitor is charged by solar energy although we can also charge it through its USB port. It has two sensors, on each wheel, one internal and one external, in addition to a sensor that synchronises with the central control.

Browser with DVD Screen for Your Car

The truth is that when we think of "GPS navigator" we think of an exclusive navigation device, like the one we just saw. The most modern cars incorporate an advanced DVD screen with multiple functions. Junsun Australia has several models of GPS DVD screens that can be added to your dashboard to integrate it fully.

All Browsers with DVD screens are compatible with all Car brands such as Volkswagen, Skoda, Toyota, Kia, Ford, Honda, and Suzuki. But make sure you check the compatibility of the model that interests you before to buy it. These systems are characterised by having a large touch screen, hands-free, radio, music playback, DVD, CD, the possibility of incorporating an SD card or even a rear camera that will serve as a parking assistance system.

Buy Junsun Products Online

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