JT Racing Australia is one of the most traditional brands in the off-road world. From the 60s until today they have been fully dedicated to the production of kits for motorcycle and enduro bikers, with kits that have always stood out for their colours and designs as striking as the original. A brand that does not leave indifferent and a classic off-road world classic.

Brand – Overview

Giovanni and Rita Gregory started JT Racing in 1970 in San Diego, USA. It all started when the couple started making the motocross socks that they sold from the trunk of his car on motocross tracks. Sales of socks went better than expected and were soon able to start practising their fledgeling full-time motocross business.

They asked the famous motocross rider Joel Roberts to use JT socks. In exchange for a payment of $ 100, he received all the socks he needed. The show helped JT Racing and soon became a household name in the industry.

Apparel and Accessories

Soon the JT Racing range is expanded with sweaters and that product that has revolutionised the whole sector - the nylon motocross pants. Innovation, design and collaboration with the best motocross riders in the world made JT Racing dominate the market for almost three decades, and was one of the best motocross companies in the world.

Surprisingly, the JT Racing brand came to life starting from the sale of coloured elastic socks for motocross, by John and Rita Gregory a pharmacist couple from San Diego during the late 1960s. They soon added shirts to the Hallman Racing line, their first distributor, and then gloves. They then added a product that revolutionised the whole industry: nylon motocross pants. Finally, they collaborated with the greatest champions of those times who wore the brand.

From there, the brand started, and JT Racing is now one of the top brands of the moment thanks to the innovative, long-lasting materials, with studied details and brilliant and always new graphics. All over the world, the full range of products is widely used and worn by leading drivers in the off-road world.

Story Behind the Brand

JT Racing is above all the story of a man, John Gregory, and his wife Rita passionate about motocross, who live a boundless passion in the 60s, period marked by the advent of Motocross in the United States. At the time, the Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles welcomed enthusiasts who met there by the hundred and participated in the first races, and John Gregory was one of those!

At the end of the 60s, these aficionados of these races decided to sell equipment on the spot to amortise their expenses and to be able to continue to be present at each meeting. Over the months, small businesses have grown in step with the discipline; only one name was missing in this adventure.

Small business becomes a brand

The 1970s saw the development of the discipline and its stakeholders: manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, circuits, races, and cinema. In this euphoria, young companies flourish and embark on the adventure. Among them, JT Racing led by John Gregory is the one which is the most dynamic and which will meet one of the most incredible successes of motocross and that during three decades.

In the early 70s, John skims the circuits every weekend and markets his products, and he becomes in a few years an emblematic figure of motocross. With the arrival of European rides in the United States, John and Rita Gregory quickly welcomed and took charge of many of them: Joel Robert, Hakan Andersen, Dave Bickers, Torsten Hallman, Bengt Aberg, Heikki Mikkola, Gerrit Wolsink and Roger De Coster.

In addition to this, the couple is working on expanding their offer and offering specific equipment and acting as a pioneer. From 1976 with the first catalogue, special outfits, gloves, accessories for helmets, boots and protections are presented. Sportswear even finds its place there that led the brand to higher success.

A brand with Innovative Products

JT products become benchmarks and transcribe what the brand philosophy is: functionality, technology and design. These fundamental points, we find them on the brand's products. JT Motocross pants in the 70s already used Vibram soles and benefited from shin and ankle protection. They were made in Sweden.

JT V-series rock guards have revolutionised the genre too. Manufacturer of accessories for Bell helmets initially for TT use, in the 80s, JT took the plunge and became a manufacturer of helmets, ASL-1 for the Jet and ASL-2 for the full cross. Ergonomic and ventilated by ventilation channels in helmets, JT Racing products were designed by drivers for drivers.

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