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A colourful musical home can never be alive without necessary items in the corners. And here is where JOYO in Australia comes into action as this brand promises to fill your routine lives with joy and happiness through eye-catching products. The company started its operations while back, and since then, JOYO has focused on quality and innovation to keep growing and become one of the leaders in the world of music.

Now, JOYO has plentiful dazzling products under a wide range of categories that are loaded with state-of-the-art technology, meeting internal standards. Besides, at JOYO Store, they have a wide range of products with a handsome number of options to choose from, and all their designed products are quite perfect and bringing colours and beauty to your life.

They don’t compromise on quality standards and manufacture products by using the latest technology, which ultimately brings peace of mind without leaving a dent on your wallet. Moreover, JOYO has a huge network of suppliers and distributors that ensure timely delivery throughout the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

What’s more? JOYO has a dedicated team of experts with many years of experience to bring new ideas on a daily basis and provide their customers with unmatched products with entirely-baked features. 


Australians can get benefit from JOYO Sale and promotions to grab their desired product with ease. Alongside numerous products under the sale section, JOYO has the widest range of products at their official online store as well. Some of the best products are as follow:

Nobody can afford a room with antique amps or the comfort of home practice stacks. They could own one or two speakers, most of them at home, turned down, sorry mother & neighbors, thank you, headphones, as guitar players. The JOYO Amp Simulator pedals turn these loved and varied amplifiers into your hands, without the costly amplifier. JOYO Amp Simulators are specifically used in a mixing console, an audio recording system, or a clean amplifier as DI.

Acoustic guitars are great for bringing a new dimension to your music, modulation doesn't harm the sound but brings more energy to your tone. Starting with the more subtle effects of guitars in the modulation group for chorus, tremolo, and a little phaser, all of this will give you more emotion and interest. Reverb and delay are important and make your playing sound deeper. A looper is an excellent instrument with which a solo acoustic player can practice or play the room and create an incredible range of tones in various sections of the music.

Whilst a compressor pedal is certainly used, it is more likely to be used as a subtle device to change the guitar sound. It's not always that clear what a compressor does. But take it away and, guaranteed, you'll see the effect! In short pedal compression, any signal peaks are diminished, sustained, or squashed, which is the noise you create when you strike on strings when you equally hit the expression, imperfections can be highlighted.

The IronLoop is JOYO tech's first new Guitar Looper Pedal for 2017. Play your favorite riff and record it straight on the pedal, you can jam along with an instant replay. The JOYO guitar looper pedal repeatedly replays your riff, powered by a single footswitch. Upload unlimited tracks to a length of 20 minutes, add unlimited bits at any moment, tap your foot, upload some more, ruin it, listen to it looped together, delete it, erase your masterpiece and restore it. Time flows as soon as you get your looper, and there are limitless possibilities.

Wah and Filter-give a little more sound to your guitar tone with volume and filters. Multifunction wah with Q power and a mini car wah, of small sizes classical wah pedal. The JOYO wah pedal range, from wah autos, wah, and wah multi-function pedals. They all have an extremely dynamic effect and are great for a very versatile funk and expressive filtering. The wah is a modular pedal very funky, but on bass sounds fantastic!

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