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Jolidon Australia is not only a brand; it is the necessity for women in the Fashion industry as it manufactures Lingerie & Swimwear that embodies seduction & creates a sensational feeling. Jolidon Lingeries & other clothing accessories are developed with unique, creative and innovative designs that add more sensuality while wearing.

Passion for creation is essential for Jolidon Australia, from the passion and creativity of its designers; unique collections are born, which delight the public at each fashion event.

Lingerie is both elegant-fashion and functional. Given this concept, the Jolidon Australia creates and produces articles that combine functionality, design and seduction. The princess, daring and seductive, the elegant diva, where women merely wanting comfort, each one finds their happiness in high-quality Jolidon products, products which present and highlight each one's personality.

Since the creation of the brand in 1993, excellence has been a constant motivation for Jolidon Australia, which is why they always sought to approach modern technologies and creative design ideas, to create products for a wide variety of consumers. The aesthetics of Jolidon products, as well as their functionality, are two of the essential aspects that define the brand.

Jolidon – Mission & Vision


Jolidon was the lead character of the lingerie scene in Romania and one of the main actors on the European one. They always wanted to become the most outstanding representative of "European lingerie" in the world. They present themselves as a global brand while keeping the European heritage of lingerie, the essence of Jolidon brand.


Through its original and recognisable design, perfect quality, flawless execution, professional marketing plans and creative advertising Jolidon desire to become the symbol of "European" lingerie globally.

Jolidon – History & Overview

The history of this brand begins in Cluj-Napoca with a man named Gabriel Kirlig: the end of the 80s was not easy for Romania; the country underwent significant changes that significantly affected the market, where huge niches soon formed.

Gabrielle decided to fill one of these niches, and in 1989, together with several like-minded people, he opened his own small workshop, where he began to sew women's underwear and swimwear. At first, their enterprise was very modest, and its entire staff and assets included several employees and 3 or 4 sewing machines, however, as already mentioned, the industry had a clear need for new manufacturers, and therefore the Kirlig products that appeared on the market quickly gained popularity.

The company continued to develop positively, and already in 1993, Gabriel decided to establish his own brand, named as Jolidon. It should be noted that Jolidon is one of those lucky brands whose history is very dynamic and positive: in 1994, the brand's products were available in 100 stores across the country, and two years later, entrepreneurs managed to triple this figure. In 1998, Jolidon finally had its first branded store in Timisoara, as well as an office in Bucharest, and since then the Jolidon distribution network has been actively developing.

With the advent of the new millennium, Jolidon set its sights on foreign markets and, intending to gain them by export, began to open its representative offices in neighbouring countries one after another. So in 2001 the brand's office in Milan opened its doors, followed in 2003 by a branch in Paris, and after another six years - in Lodz (Poland).

However, the real-world recognition for the brand nevertheless came after Jolidon won the prize at the prestigious exhibition of linen held in Paris - this significantly increased brand awareness among Western European customers.

In 2009, taking root in the Western European market, Jolidon turned its eyes to the eastern part and began exporting its products to the markets of Ukraine and Russia. To date, the brand has more than 2500 employees, and the network of company stores has grown significantly, and now Jolidon offers the best Swimwear, Lingerie, Panties, and Underwear.

Jolidon Collection

Praising itself with distinctions for fashion creation, Jolidon Australia is a brand supported by a whole design team, who are responsible for designing unique elements to promote the female spirit.

Leading in the production and distribution of underwear and swimwear, Jolidon Australia stands out for its quality products and for promoting a discreet style. Other special elements that define Jolidon products are creativity and seduction.

The luxury lingerie part of the special collections Jolidon brand surprises with the low purchase price. Jolidon concept: comfortable, passionate and fashionable! The buyers note the elegance, the seductive element and the modernism, as well as the comfort of the underwear produced under the Jolidon brand, satisfying the various preferences.

The Jolidon collection is exclusive to demanding women. Jolidon lingerie is a perfect combination of functionality and beauty with fashion. The collections are created based on European fashion and modern trends.

Jolidon is a young company, but very dynamic, which creates innovative products, with an admixture of the culture and tradition of Australian tailoring. Each model is a sophisticated combination of elegant fabrics, materials and the best quality accessories supplied by producers from France, Italy, Australia and Austria.

The Jolidon brand from Romania has focused on INTERESTING EXCLUSIVE DESIGN from the very beginning. Despite being young as a company, it systematically marks its presence on global markets.

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The company actively produces bathing suits and corset lingerie, decorated with exclusive decor. All linen is comfortably felt on the body. It is convenient to wear both in special cases and daily. It is easy to choose the right size for themselves women of fragile and medium build.

Jolidon is the purest expression of femininity, of the daring and seductive woman: Discover and Buy Jolidon Products Online at our store at an affordable and cheap price because the Jolidon's collections we offers are sexy with lots of bodysuits, garter belts, breast straightness, baby dolls, and other naughty accessories.