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In your daily life you cannot go without dress pants and jeans. From Levi's Strauss, the former manufacturer of work wear, you can choose the coolest fashion jeans anytime for enhancing your style. The jeans have filled every individual's wardrobe. Different styles are available on our website according to your length and waist. These contain relaxed, slim fit, carrot, skinny, button fly, faded skinny, boot cut, straight and tapered designs. The color palette has a range as well. Some of these include: faded black, brown, blue, grey, yellow, red multi-colored jeans and two toned jeans as well. The stuffs include wear and tear, jog jeans, stretchable, un-stretchable. The look of the jeans can be different depending on your requirement; for example, coated, destroyed jeans, treated and medium treated are different looks and style you can experiment with. Though it is best not to wash a new pair of raw jeans too soon as you will crush your chances of a sick fade. A rule of thumb: Once the back of the knees area bunches up and loses some blue, it's washing time. Jeans are not just one type. People are liberal to select the type from a collection of various items. The skinny jeans look like they are hugging the legs. They have typically low rise and remain fitted from the top to bottom. Slim jeans have bit higher rise and have narrowed leg opening. There is relatively more space in lower leg area and thighs. Tapered jeans on the other hand have average rise with tapered opening. Thigh part has quite a big room but the pant becomes skintight moving down towards the ankle. With a very high rise and straight structure from top to bottom, straight jeans boost the splendor of human personality. They are slacker than other types but they will never look baggy. People can now have any of such types of garments from our website after making shopping comparison.