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Jamis does not set out to be big. Jamis always strives to manufacturer marvellous bikes, and with more than 30 years of experience in this business, Jamis Australia has concentrated on designing and building different kinds of bikes. According to Jamis, a plethora of people want the same things, and they did real-world performance the kinds of bikes which make your riding day a great period of your life.

With more than 30 Plus seasons, Jamis has become one of the most prominent nameplates that get noticed in a pack and out on a trail. They have done it by building their best bikes and letting their customers speak for them. They are noticed, and the reason is they are cyclists.

They aren't just a simple product guy. They are also not a number of crunching accountants as well as engineers. They are riders. Riders who are, in fact, technicians and developers of a product. They are the boys in the carte blanche toy store who have turned loose. They love this, and they are happy to share this with each other, spreading the stock two wheels.

Jamis Products

Whether you need a mountain bike, a road bike, a bike for adventure, or a street bike, Jamis Store Australia has got you covered. Jamis’ major products include:

If you rely on trail connectivity, if you live for screaming downflow – Komodo and Eden will take you there without adding dual-suspension weight and complexity. This is an all-time hardtail trail for high-speed handling with slacker head angles and 5” of fork, solid frame pipes and thru-axles for good landing strength, and 3" tires for traction, stability, and smooth roll-over.

As good as it gets, Jamis is always good enough, and this is proved by their newly redesigned disc brake edition Xenith. The Xenith was already a winning, race-winning force, Team Silber did not want them to exploit. However, today's accolades and podiums were not enough for their engineers and designers when it came to tomorrow. The effort at development on this bike has not only been to add disc brakes, but also to redesign the Xenith to improve it still further.

It's been more than 30 years when Jamis wrote a book on off-road steel. These Dragons may look like retro planks, but the way these bikes ride with 120 mm Fox and Rock Shox moving forks is nothing old or obsolete. The Dragon system offers as much as it gets: the more challenging it is to drive it, the easier it feels.

Most people now realize that cycling is not only safe, efficient, and green, but also easy and fun. Commuters bikes are designed to keep maintenance to a minimum while optimizing comfort and performance.  The lightweight aluminium frames, bolts, rear carriers, and single-chain drive-trains are ready to shuffle the inner city, with their saddles and grips designed to provide comfortable points to reach you refreshed and recharged.

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As being a world’s well-known bicycle seller, Jamis Australia is committed to providing the best bicycles to their valued customers. A customer is everything for them, and that’s the reason Jamis get positive feedback from their customers.

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