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JBU by Jambu womens Rainey Wea...

$ 44.10

JSport by Jambu Women's Marcy...

$ 113.93

JSport by Jambu Women's Lowell...

$ 121.79

JSport by Jambu Women's Marcy...

$ 111.03

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 186.69

JBU by Jambu Women's Nala Weat...

$ 104.36

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 256.21

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 157.03

JSport by Jambu Women's Nora W...

$ 99.91

JBU by Jambu Women's Nala Weat...

$ 104.87

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 265.95

Jambu Women's Ember Water Resi...

$ 171.77

JBU by Jambu Women's Vancouver...

$ 71.13

Jambu Womens Chelsea Floral Ra...

$ 57.99

JBU by Jambu womens Cedar Weat...

$ 113.04

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 244.70

Tommy Hilfiger Womens TWRAINAH...

$ 283.14

Jambu Rome

$ 103.00

Jambu Jenny Knit

$ 118.00

Jambu Women's Verona Ankle Boo...

$ 115.34

Jambu Africa Sandal

$ 98.00

JBU by Jambu womens Marco Weat...

$ 45.17

Jambu Women's Verona Ankle Boo...

$ 104.26

Jambu Women's Ember Water Resi...

$ 184.00

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 157.99

Jambu Women's Roma Ankle Boot,...

$ 141.48

JBU by Jambu Women's Vancouver...

$ 85.71

Squamata Sandal

$ 53.00

Bumblebee Garden Ready

$ 58.00

A well-recognised footwear brand – inspired by the mystique and beauty of a rainforest named Jambu in Australia is guiding Aussies how to stay in style and comfort while starting your personal journey. Every product designed by Jambu is following two major principles – comfort and durability, and that’s precisely what makes Jambu stand out from a crowd.

Jambu can be joined as you cross the rainforest, walk onto the beach, sail through the port, or fly around the world. The company also has got you covered with so many silhouettes, from shoes to boots, from heels to sandals. Besides, Jambu makes use of only 100 recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging as part of their environment position.

The products available at Jambu Store online are made of partly recycled and reusable compressed rubber, whether they’re shoes, boots, wedges, heels, sandals, flats, and more. The company hopes to maintain their great open space for future generations in this small way.

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Customer satisfaction is the top priority of Jambu and hence is committed to the production of products manufactured to suit customer’s needs. Besides, you can shop for your desired products at unmatched rates under the Jambu Sale section. The following are some of the best products:

The Franklin knit and leather upper blend timeless elegance with new fabrics to provide the traditional Oxford shoe with a fresh update. Removable foam footbeds keep you comfortable throughout the day, while the superior grip is provided by the All-Terra traction outsoles.

With this lightweight slip-on style, put a breath of fresh air in your shoe collection. Fresh Air is made with water-friendly nubucks and, via an All Terra traction, offers superior grip on any ground.

Slide into these sandals right into summer! Thanks to its simple to use two braces, and the superior foot support offered by the signature EVA insole, Summer Glide is a great addition to your warm-weather shoe range.

Such EVA insoles are immune to smell and provide long-term comfort. EVA is a shockproof polymer for additional convenience. EVA works against odor-causing bacteria absorption. EVA also provides extra insulation and cooler climatic protection.

These wedges are stylish and deliver a touch of exotic adventure, with comfort walking and handmade high quality. It provides a high-quality leather upper, 2-tone colour combinations, as well as a buckle that hides the simple hook and loop closure to see the attraction and joining the summer parties.

Morocco 's exotic appeal influenced the mosaic-like pattern of the wedge sandals in the soils. The stylish heels have a soft perforated top with a buckle over the hook and a bow loop closure on the hip and have contoured arch support well for exploration.

Raise your adventure with strap-on sandal wedges like a gladiator. The vibrant neoprene and false nubuck upper give the women on the move fun lines and a nice match. For cruising in style, the sole feels ultra-coiled and comfortable.

Style your summer look with their lizard-embossed belts and tiny wedges of caymen sandals. A metal buckle adorns the knee strap with a simple hook and loop locking.

With these clearly elegant flipflops, capture the island atmosphere. The flat female shoes slip straight ahead, and your foot is styled, and the elegant and extended braided bungee accentuates over your foot.

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