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ISS was established as Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt in 1901 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established by a drapery-making wholesaler and managed the city's back streets with night watchmen. Finally, it's controlled by C. L. David who is a businessman and lawyer, ISS expanded into cleaning services. The German occupation of Denmark was one of the largest challenges ever faced by the ISS in 1940. In addition, the ISS was also command rated by German officers in addition to the difficulties of the Second World War. However, its messenger and window cleaning services were expandable.
ISS entered into Australian market back in 2002 with the purchase of pest control and hygiene services company named WA Flick & Co Pty Ltd. Tempo Services Ltd, a large service facilities company operating nationally, acquired 49% of the company in 2005 who is providing cleaning, safety, catering, planned and preventive maintenance. Acquired maintenance for Kirwan Cleaning and Kirwan Grounds also. Five years ago, in 2015, in order to formalize its commitment to the indigenous people and people in the Torres Strait of Island, ISS initiated its first Reconciliation Plan (RAP).

The ISS is flexible to meet your needs, from delivery of a single service, such as cleaning, to integrated installation services. ISS operates in numerous industries, including aviation, transport, energy and resource services, healthcare, tertiary education, government, IT, food & drinks and business. ISS has offices in every State, and their teams have local knowledge which is only available from a global provider, combined with technical expertise. A regional leadership structure and state-based HR, Finance and Safety Experts support their on-the-ground teams.

Their Vision

The ISS launched a new ambitious strategy in Spring 2013 based on the ISS Way. That increases their organization's barrier and extends its ambitions from their previous vision to be the best service organization from leading facility services. Their main resource at ISS is their staff – and this great pool of skills and talents is managing ISS' unique processes. ISS' vision and commitments are to train and manage professional service personnel of the international standard. Their belief is that their employees can use this experience every day by sharing best practices and experiences from all over the world.

Building a Culture of Innovation

Driven by ISS Global Leadership Principle of "Encouraging Innovation", they have taken a path of creating for their people a true culture of innovation in order to provide their current and future customers with trustworthy innovations and dazzling solutions.  At ISS, they define innovation as "a new or improved way of providing their customers and employees with services, procedures, and processes." By defining clearly, the meaning of innovation in the organization for them, their work in all their activities is safer, better, quicker, smarter and more efficient. ISS recognizes its employees as their most valuable innovators and, therefore, creates a working environment that promotes debate and rewards genuine initiative and innovation.

How to Acquire ISS Services?

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