Finding a handsome range of grade hand tools alongside a number of tools accessories on a single platform is now not a hassle – thanks to IRWIN TOOLS in Australia. The company since its inception – 1885, has been producing or distributing high-quality grade hand and power tools that are capable enough to help you get your job done with ease. They have set an excellent track record by producing new products on a daily basis after understanding the needs of their major customers and professional tradesman. So far, IRWIN TOOLS has launched a plethora of tools under different categories and still improving their product line with new techniques and innovation to help users get their work done without any hassle.

They have a team of experts that keep an eye on the market and keep trying to improve their products to help their customers increase their overall productivity significantly. All available products at their official IRWIN TOOLS Store are matchless in terms of price without having to compromise on their durability and performance. Besides, IRWIN TOOLS always strive to be the best in the business and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. They have been offering flexible shipping options in different parts of the world alongside many handy policies that are always in the favour of their customers.

Product Categories


Interestingly, the current IRWIN TOOLS Sale and discounts are enabling their customers to grab their preferred tools at unmatched rates from their official online stores. They have the most beautiful variety of products under different categories to choose from. Some of the best products are as follow:

The Torque Zone screws are designed for maximum rotating strength and comfort and provide speed for applications with high or low torque.

A 3-zone Comfort Grip for the best efficiency and comfort in high and low torque applications includes the Performance Series screwdrivers. Such drivers are made of a long-lasting, acetate handle.

For high and low-drive applications, the output series Demolition screwdrivers are fitted with the 3-zone Comfort Grip. The drivers are built with a long-lasting acetate handle and feature a solid steel core and strike cap for heavy demolition work.

The hammer 21 oz in California Framing is built for extended pace and power. The cast stainless steel head and 15.5" curved hickory handle provide the strength and control most framing applications need.

The General Purpose 16 oz Fiberglass hammer blends a stainless-steel head with a fiberglass grip for lightweight durability. The rounded shape of the handles offers distinctive curves and contours, maximizing comfort and power.

Taking the history and reputation as a leading manufacturer of materials, Irwin is expanding its range to include a new line of fit and practical building hammers. The 20 oz General Steel Purpose hammer combines the power of solid steel construction with the flexibility of a personalized Pro-Touch grip to improve performance and control.

The WeldTec Circular Save Blades are designed for long life and life without losing cutting pace. Such blades manufactured in Italy feature special, industrially leading, marketed carbide teeth. The non-stick heat resistant coating eliminates binding and gumming to cool the blades and clean honestly. Furthermore, the blades are cut with laser slots in order to reduce warp and vibration. In building, demolition and specialist applications the latest blades are available.

A 4 T thin keel blade is available in the WeldTec cement-Fibre saw blades, producing less dust than continuous rim blades. And slightly narrower are the delicate cutting edges.

Where to Buy for Less?

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