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Ensure an Iron Intake Adapted to Your Body

Iron, An Essential Trace Element

The minimum recommended iron intake values are higher in adult women, with 12.3 mg per day compared to 7 mg in men. Iron is also essential for the healthy development of adolescents, children and the fetus during pregnancy.

Iron is involved in several vital mechanisms:

  • it carries oxygen through the blood and helps muscles store it.
  • it participates in the oxidation of food.
  • it helps maintain the efficiency of the immune system.

Every day, the human body uses iron to function properly, for example, to make its red blood cells. It naturally loses 1 to 2 mg per day by eliminating dead cells. It is, therefore, necessary to offset this reduction by making sure to provide enough iron daily.

Why Use Iron Supplementation?

Avoiding the consequences of iron deficiency

If the body lacks iron, it can no longer make enough red blood cells and has trouble transporting oxygen throughout the body. There is then a risk of anaemia. Various symptoms can then appear when you suffer from anaemia, for example:

  • a tired prolonged and shortness of breath on exertion
  • a hair loss
  • greater difficulty concentrating
  • greater sensitivity to cold
  • Supplementing food intake

Food is the main source of iron. Depending on your diet, you provide an amount of iron that will be more or less well absorbed by your body.

The iron from animal sources, especially meat, is better absorbed by the body than iron from plant sources. Even if a vegetable is rich in iron, your body will only assimilate a very small part, between 2 and 5%. It is therefore recommended that people on a vegetarian or vegan diet supplement their iron intake with food supplements.

The Importance of Iron for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have a very high iron requirement during and after pregnancy because iron is essential for the development of the placenta as well as for the good growth of the fetus. After birth, the baby needs iron in breast milk to develop.

Lack of Blood

Chronic blood loss, like menstruation, lowers the level of iron in the body: dietary supplements with iron are advised to make up for these losses.

The Needs of Athletes

During important physical exercise, especially in endurance sports, your body needs more oxygen and consumes much iron to transport it to the muscles.

Choose the food supplement that suits you

There are several kinds of dietary supplements containing iron:

  • tablets or capsules to be swallowed with a glass of water
  • sucking or chewable tablets
  • sachets to dissolve in water
  • drinking syrups
  • drinkable ampoules
  • bread mixes enriched with iron for cooking

If your iron needs are high, you can choose a food supplement based on spirulina, because this seaweed contains a very high concentration. The iron in spirulina is assimilated quickly. If you want a complete product, some food supplements also contain minerals and vitamins. There are also food supplements with iron:

  • that help improve concentration
  • which are enriched in vitamins and particularly adapted to the growth of children
  • which are designed to meet the specific needs of athletes

How is Iron Supplementation Done?

The iron supplementation is effected orally. For better absorption of the iron contained in food supplements, it is advisable to take the latter in the morning on an empty stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach, you can take them in the middle of the meal, but the absorption will be less.

Tea and coffee should be consumed at a distance from taking your food supplement because they prevent your body from storing iron.

The iron supplementation is in the form of treatment with once-daily, renewable several times a year as needed. Iron-containing supplements are kept dry and away from heat.

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