A brand “Irix” was created by a couple of photographers with the aim to strengthen and expand their photographic community that is made up of talented, passionate and open-minded creators. The company has been paying particular attention since the day beginning to every detail which is mandatory in photography when producing Irix lenses. Every lens is designed carefully to deliver Aussies you with the top optical performance with a mix of Swiss accuracy and Korean ingenious solutions. The Australian stores have a handsome range of Irix Camera Lenses on Sale that are loaded with Neutrino coating to prevent flare, ghosting and colour deviation.

Camera lenses designed by Irix are ideal for different brands such as Nikon Cameras as well as Canon, and Pentax. Moreover, one can use Irix’s filter system to determine the correct camera for a lens. Some of Irix’s camera lens features include marvellous optical top performance, neutrino coating and special look & feel. The reason behind Irix’s success is that the Best Irix Camera Lenses Prices are very much affordable even users looking for a budget-friendly camera lens can have it. Let’s have a look at some of the best camera lenses offered by Irix.

Irix 150mm F/2.8 Macro 1:1 Lens for Canon EF

The Canon EF-mount 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 from IRIX is optimised for close-up shooting. It is a medium telephoto lens with a life-size of 1:1 maximum magnification and 1.1' minimum focal distance. The bright maximum f/2.8 aperture enables a range of lighting conditions to work and provides more field depth control for the isolation of objects. The 12 elements, 9 group optical designs are equipped with neutrino coating that contributes to the elimination of lens flushing and ghosting to increase contrast and colour accuracy in high lighting conditions.

Irix 11mm F/4 Blackstone Lens for Canon EF

The 11mmf/4 Blackstone lens from Irix is a very large prime designed for Canon EF-mount DSLRs, distinguished by its sophisticated physical construction. The advanced optical design uses aspheric, extra-low dispersion and high-refractive index elements as a rectilinear lens to control distortion of smooth, accurate rendering with a high level of clarity and colour accuracy. Furthermore, a Neutrino cover is also used to control the flare and ghosting in strong lighting conditions to improve contrast.

Irix 15mm F/2.4 Firefly Lens for Pentax K

The Pentax K-mount 15mm f/2.4 Firefly lens from Irix is a remarkably large prime lens that blends sophisticated optical design with a compact, robust physical construction. The wide field of view is supported by a sophisticated optical architecture utilizing low dispersion, high-refractive and aspherical glass components, as well as Neutrino layout, which enables low-distortion imaging, regulated spherical and chromatic aberrations, high contrasts and natural colour rendering.

Irix 15mm F/2.4 Blackstone Lens for Nikon F

The 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone Lens from Irix is a versatile prime-lens designed for Nikon F-mount cameras with a broad-angle perspective and a premium exterior design. The broad field of view is advanced optical design with the aspherical, low-dispersion, and high-refractive glass index elements to manage and maintain precise and consistent colour various aberrations and distortions. A Neutrino coating is also used to track the flare-up and the ghosting of the lenses to achieve a high degree of contrast and faithfulness in colour.

Irix 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 Cine Lens

The PL-mount 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 Cine lens from Irix is designed for film-style image capture and coverage up to full-frame sensors. However, 11 blades create a smooth, circular bokeh and five seals to protect against unequal weather and emissions. To remove aberrations and blurred conditions, the 150mm Irix is constructed from 12 optical elements in 9 groups including four HR (high refractive index). The Irix features a 95mm headboard diameter, 0.8 MOD gears, luminous focus labelling in feet and 1/4 "to 20 support foot.

Irix 15mm F/2.4 Firefly Lens for Nikon F

The F-mount 15mm f/2.4 Firefly Lens from Irix is an impressively large-quality lens that fastens sophisticated optical design with a lightweight, robust physical construction. A sophisticated optical layout with low dispersion, asphere and high refractive glass elements as well as a Neutrino cover complements the extensive field of view, to make images that have chromatic aberrations, controlled spherical, natural colour rendering and high contrast. This 15mm f/2.4 also has a fine-tuned control manual focal system and a special positive focus lock, so that any point for clear, repeated shooting is protected well.

Where to Buy?

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