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invisibobble HAIRHALO Headband...

$ 9.45

invisibobble Hair Tie Time to...

$ 5.95

invisibobble Kids Hair Tie Mag...

$ 4.95

invisibobble Flores and Bloom...

$ 11.45

invisibobble Sprunchie Rosie S...

$ 11.45

invisibobble Bow Please WAVER...

$ 16.95

invisibobble Sprunchie Mermaid...

$ 10.45

invisibobble Volumiser Pretty...

$ 6.95

invisibobble Urban Safari Wave...

$ 6.95

Invisibobble Waver Crystal Cle...

$ 14.10

Invisibobble Sprunchie Swim wi...

$ 20.53

Invisibobble Slim True Black

$ 14.71

invisibobble Sprunchie POWER P...

$ 7.95

Invisibobble HairHalo Sparks F...

$ 20.10

Invisibobble Original Marilyn...

$ 12.26

invisibobble SLIM Stay Gold

$ 6.95

invisibobble SLIM Vanity Fairy

$ 6.95

Invisibobble Original Pretzel...

$ 15.90

Invisibobble Waver Clear

$ 15.90

invisibobble Hangover Kit

$ 11.45

Invisibobble Original Clear

$ 15.90

Invisibobble Waver Brown

$ 15.90

Are you tired and sick of damage, twists and strain which come from using regular or traditional hair ties? Say hello to Invisibobble in Australia for your hair’s knight in spiral armour. The revolutionary tools designed by Invisibobble put an end to those challenges one had tying up her hairs at night.

Invisibobble in Australia was created by a blending of the words “Invisible” and Bobble.” Hence, Invisibobble is reflecting the distinctive feature of Invisibobble ORIGINAL which doesn’t leave any trace in your hair after wearing. All tools of Invisibobble are made of polyurethane which is known as artificial resin. It’s specifically hygienic and has a cleaned surface as it doesn’t absorb dirt or bacteria.

The reason why Invisibobble is quite hygienic is its smooth surface. The bacteria cannot be collected within the hair bobble. Moreover, it’s exceptionally clean – therefore, it’s more hygienic as compared to other hair ties. Whether you use stylish wrist accessory or a revolutionary styling too, Invisibobble is multipurpose and enables creating professional updos as well as individual styles without using extra bobby pins or clips.

Besides, Invisibobble in Australia is offering a plethora of services on its official website and engaging Aussies constantly. They are also offering user-friendly and highly-trained customer service representatives – ready to answer all of your questions.

Invisibobble Products

Invisibobble is offering its valued customers with a hassle-free shopping experience via its innovative and secure shopping environment. Additionally, the products list available at their official store is also amazingly large. The exciting and cooling thing is the availability of massive styles and trends.

Their products are available exclusively for those who are sick and tired of twists and strains when using traditional hair ties. Some of the best Invisibobble products are as follow:

A trendy update is provided by the Invisibobble SLIM in Crystal Clear! The fine spiral shape of the Invisibobble SLIM is strong and fit. The smooth artificial resin material allows for easy hair removal. The BOWTIQUE is an invisible eye-catcher, even if wearing it in on your wrist.

The SPRUNCHIE is the hair accessory of all styles and also looks great on the handle, wrapped in a shiny velvet. The Purrfection styling leopard-built tool gives every piece a sleek and modern look.

The classic shape of the integrated spiral enables a firm, strong grip and soft to the hair and is easily removable due to its smooth surface. The thin silicon grips inside the hairband make it possible to remain in place.

The SLIM provides high wear comfort thanks to its spiral shape. The SLIM hair ties don't spill, they're very hygienic, they don't curl and are gentle to the head. Extra advantage: if the Invisibobble starts losing structure, spray it with hot water – this reduces it to its original size.

The combination of innovative forms and hair-loving material is a distinction with the Invisibobble BUNSTAR. The top end of the BUNSTAR fits into the already self-rolled Bun. The bottom of the hair retains and matches the hairline. The matte finish stops stressed hair from falling out.

Everybody likes an elegant, natural make-up look -with the To Be or Nude To Be shade, you can now feel the soft and trendy look. This set is camouflage because of the long-awaited Invisibobble spiral hair tie for blonds.

The new Ocean Tango colour shifts from a light-blue to a strong dark sea blue under UV light.

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