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A fashion brand known for its luxurious, seductive, and fantasy LingerieIntimo Australia started the brand with the philosophy, "Everyone deserves to be in the world of luxury, comfort, and fantasy." The brand offers underwear, sleepwear, and other luxury Lingerie that will seduce the partner of the opposite gender.

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Intimo's mission is to make every woman living in Australia and New Zealand to feel the more than good in Day & Night and to experience the joy of Luxurious Panties, Bras, Tops, Bikinis, and Lingerie. From everyday Bra to Lacy Bra and Soft Cup Bra, the brand offers a versatile and unique collection of bras available in all different sizes (XS - XXL).

The brand success is not only because of its fantasy Lingerie; it is known for its integration in fashion, comfort, innovative fabrics, and the perfect fitting lingerie that makes your nights more pleasuring. The brand earned a tremendous and excellent reputation for its high-quality products worldwide.

The brand came into existence in 1990, where Intimo has produced many national brands that run in roundabout 1500 different departments and stores worldwide. It has licensed products that are available in numerous stores.

Exceptional & Trendy

All other brands fail to deliver in-front of what Intimo offers, the extraordinary, most elegant, and unique Bras & Bikinis that will give you the most desirable and comfortable fitting experience. Whether it's about Lingerie or Bra, wearing them will make you comfortable throughout the day because of its soft fabric.

Long-Lasting Quality & Innovative Designs

Unmatchable designs, superior fabric quality, and innovative technology are the leading factors of the brand in the Feminine world. Waking up in the morning, it will be the first thing to wear, and for sure it will be the last thing to take off at night because of its credibility in Design & Quality.

Perfect Fitting & Comfort

You always look for an ideal Bra, Shapewear, or underwear that does not offend the skin or create itchiness. Intimo is the only solution that you are desiring as Intimo knows what women in Melbourne are looking for. The brand has the honour for manufacturing the quality standard products with soft fabric, and excellent elastic quality to lift and to give perfect support.

Supportable & Comfort

In summers, due to sweat, sometimes you feel uncomfortable wearing bras and panties, but with Intimo, you don't have to worry about it. The manufactures keep all factors in mind while creating the perfect bras.

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