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Inkbird IBT6XS Digital Bluetoo...

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Inkbird IHT1P Waterproof Insta...

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Inkbird IBSTH1 Wireless Thermo...

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Inkbird IBT4XS Digital Bluetoo...

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Inkbird Ibt6xs Digital Bluetoo...

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Inkbird Cooking Bluetooth Wire...

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Inkbird IBT2X Digital Bluetoot...

$ 39.95

Inkbird IRF4S 1500ft Waterproo...

$ 60.00

Inkbird IRF2S Digital Wireless...

$ 79.95

Inkbird IBBQ4T WiFi Rechargeab...

$ 159.95

Inkbird ITC308S Digital Dual S...

$ 59.95

Indeed, there are a few numbers of companies that produce and market smart home automation products. Aussies, however, are in luck as Inkbird in Australia is one of those companies which is very much dedicated with a passion to bring a handsome range of smart home automation products without having to spend a fortune.

Interestingly, Inkbird has gained a lot of reputation not only in Australia but in other countries too, thanks to its high-quality products that are technically efficient and of course their logistic services support.

The company came into existence back in 2010 and since then, it’s manufacturing as well as marketing its home automation products throughout the world. Their products include digital timers, humidity controllers, temperature controllers and much more.

As Inkbird is serving its products in the market for 10 years, it has a wide range of happy customers worldwide and most importantly, they have got cooperation from many parts of the world like Europe, United States and Australia.

With around 10 years of experience in producing intelligent home automation products, Inkbird has become one of the biggest companies in the world which offers many services such as manufacturing, marketing, recruitment & development and more.

All their products mentioned their online Inkbird Store are tested and passed by different international quality assurance organisations. Besides, Inkbird promises its customers professional products at unmatched rates.

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The company aims at offering you a wonderful selection of products at unparalleled rates under Inkbird Sale section. They are offering a number of products and services throughout the world while maintaining the highest quality standards in every single product. Some of the best products are as follow:

The IRF-2SA is a remote, digital wireless thermometer and timer that is a programmable thermometer for radio frequencies. You can monitor your meat and smoker temperature from anywhere in your home with a range of up to 500 feet/150M. So, you can enjoy the company, have other meals ready or take a nap.

The Inkbird IRF-4S is a digital remote wireless thermometer with timer, a programmable thermometer for the radio frequency. Remote wireless range up to 1500 feet/500 M, if barriers are not present. The Li-Battery, magnetic and two probes are installed in 1000mAh. Customers can use waterproof, IPX5 certified, on rain and outdoors.

IHC-230 is dual relay moisture and temperature controller, simple to use, safe and reliable. This can simultaneously provide temperature control and wetness control; dual-purpose design makes it more convenient for users and saves much for the purchase of no other temperature sensor or moisture sensor.

The IHC-200 is a dual relay output humidity controller that is simple to use, safe and reliable. The dual LED screens are designed to enable more humanized play-in-plug. A 100-265-volt moisturizer, dehumidifier or fan may be controlled with IHC-200.

The ITH-10 Digital Thermometer is super small, cabinet and tasty, simultaneous displays of temperature and humidity. The temperature, moisture levels, and transition from °C to °F can be reported at maximum and minimum. It's Appropriate for the home, greenhouse, office and laboratories.

Temperature Data Logger enables simple temperature and humidity monitoring systems sensitive to food, chemicals, medication and other items, in transit or stored. It is commonly used for all sorts of warehousing, logistics and cold chain such as dry, cooled, and laboratory containers, etc.

C206 is an effective temperature control unit for reproduction and planting. You can conveniently regulate the temperature of your heating system with its plug-in configuration, ensuring that the physiological needs of animals and plants remain in constant optimum condition.

The precision cooker Inkbird Sous Vide will help you cook like a professional. Just pair it with the Inkbird Smart application to manage your cooking throughout the WI-FI range, free up your hand and have more time with families and friends.

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