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Inesis Golf Decathlon creates and offers for all players (men - women - juniors) golf clubs, golf bags and carts, but also shoes, clothing, GPS watches golf balls and accessories.

INESIS Australia offers a selection of professional and innovative products at the best value for money for all levels: from the beginner golfer to the expert golf player!

Brand Overview

Inesis is another sports brand that comes under the Decathlon Golf brand and was born in 2002. The teams come to life on the quality of the products, always looking for the best price to make the sport more accessible. Passionate people are available to advise you on how to buy your golf items, but also help you progress and improve your swing.

The main objective of the brand was to provide the best golf products to everyone, no matter if you are a beginner, experienced, or professional, the brand helps you to improve your skills. The Research & Development team kept on bringing innovative ideas and robust products.

The ball-Catcher

Inesis catcher helps to pick up the ball without bending as the shape of this superb product manufactured in such a way that it picks up the ball easily. This product is easily adapted to all types of grips because of the screw that sinks into it.

18-Hole scorer

Same like a 1-hole scorer, it is designed to count the shots of golf on all 18 holes. It is easy to carry as it attaches to the bag with the help of the strap.

Inesis Products & Accessories Range

A brand extracted from Decathlon, Inesis offers a full and comprehensive range of products and accessories. All products manufactured with the collaboration of INESIS Team (Designers, Method and Product Engineers) and Research and development team RD2 that creates the best and suitable products for golf.




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