InAlto IOC6 60cm Cooking Pack Ovens

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Brand: InAlto

Product: IOC6

Size range: 60cm

Touch controls: Yes

Manual timer: Yes, 120 minutes

Material: Stainless steel and glass

Child lock: Yes

Easy cleaning: Yes

Remove Indoor: Yes

If you are a food lover, then this Cooking pan oven by InAlto is going to fulfil all your food desires at home as InAlto presents the new IOC6 60cm Cooking pack oven which will be equipped with 5 cooking function that will help you to make any sort of food with easiness. It has a capacity of 65L having a manual minute timer and touch door. Inalto IOC6 60cm Cooking pack oven price in Australia ranges from $650 to $750 AUD and is readily available in Australia now.

InAlto IOC6 60cm Cooking Pack Oven brings easiness and effectiveness in the life of any household living in Australia by presenting their new multi-functional cooking oven that can cook your favourite dishes. One of the fascinating thing about this cooktop is that it has a touch control having 4 burners. For the safety purpose is has a child safety lock and also have heat indicators for safety. Whereas in terms of capacity it has size capacity of 65L with the cavity cooling system and minute minder timer. You can have all these features and functions in a single oven, we have enlisted-in various stores from where you can buy InAlto IOC6 60cm Cooking Pack Oven in Australia.