What could be better than a large glass of ice water on a day spent in the sun? Or a small cold beer that you open to congratulate yourself for reaching the top after a particularly demanding hike? It is not always easy for outdoor enthusiasts to drink a non-tablet drink as they venture far down the trails. That's where IceMule Coolers Australia works for you and is your best companion in such adventurous tours.

For IceMule Cooler, the challenge is to design a cooler that can support you, no matter where you go. To allow you to enjoy nature to the full while efficiently transporting your drinks and snacks, the brand has developed several models of portable cooler bags with impressive efficiency.

The origins of IceMule Brand

It all starts when James Collie decides to install a cooler in a hiking bag to better transport it. This way of doing it inspires him to develop a more relaxed model that can be transported like a backpack. After a decade of research, its IceMule coolers are among the best-selling models and are perfect for taking on a mountain hike or a football match.

The company now manufactures a whole series of waterproof bags that keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours. The bags have a strap to carry them over the shoulder and can be easily compacted when empty. Pro Catch and IceMule Classic coolers come in many different sizes, and are great for camping,

It may sound strange when it comes to cooler, but it's the movement that inspired IceMule and more precisely, the will to move, to go on an adventure with its cooler. Because contrary to the preconceived idea, your food should not be stored in a cubic box, heavy and bulky.

It was during a spring hike in Virginia that James Collie came up with the idea for IceMule. There was no question of transporting a bulky reliable cooler all day long, and it was impossible to stop at the local snack bar to stock up on cold drinks. To remedy the situation, James Collie built a portable cooler with the means at hand: a backpack and several plastic bags.

It may not have been the most efficient method of transporting food (the plastic bags tore open even before lunchtime),but the idea of a portable cooler was born. After seven long months of hard work to develop the perfect prototype, IceMule Coolers was finally born.

The IceMule Coolers & Bags

IceMule prides itself on being the easiest to transport high-performance coolers in the world, and one would be tempted to endorse this claim.

What makes IceMule unique? Not only can it keep the ice intact for more than 24 hours, but it is ultra-resistant, and completely waterproof (by the way, it floats!). Better yet, a bit like a technical windbreaker, it rolls smoothly on itself to be stored in its bag when empty.

Unlike most other flexible coolers, IceMule products have no seams or zippers. Instead, they designed like a waterproof bag: with welded seams and a roll-up opening, to prevent leaks or water infiltration.

Finally, these bags are easy to transport because IceMule Bags are flexible and space-saving, can easily store things, and finally because these bags are all equipped with straps or suspenders to carry like a bag.

It's all about technology

Do not underestimate all the work required to make a cooler. Every detail considered to optimise its thermal efficiency and facilitate its transport. Here are the exclusive technologies that make IceMule stand out.


To be able to follow you throughout your most incredible expeditions while keeping your food fresh, no choice is to be resistant. It is thanks to their MuleSkin ET and Muleskinner fabrics, respectively used on external and internal surfaces, that IceMule coolers are also resilient and durable. These two technologies offer excellent protection against the elements while retaining the cold inside.

Polar Layer insulation

The Polar Layer will keep your beverages frozen for more than 24 hours, but it uses internal air as an additional method of insulation.

IM Air valve

The IM Air valve is one of the hallmarks of IceMule. As mentioned earlier, it allows the use of internal air to keep the contents of the coolers cold longer. On the other hand, once your beverages have been swallowed up, the valve also frees up the air to roll the bag on itself to put it away, quite simply.

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