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Specialising in triathlon suits, HUUB has been named for the third consecutive year as the Best Triathlon Combination Brand of the Year by 220 Triathlon Magazine. HUUB triathlon suits are also market leaders with the best results in quality testing and attention to detail. HUUB Australia is the brand you will see worn by triathlon athletes like the Brownlee brothers and also by the Ichiban team, Jenson Button's triathlon team.

HUUB: A Choice of Athletes

Some of the best triathletes in the world always choose to swim with HUUB wetsuits. Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, Richard Varga, Helen Jenkins, Dave Scott and many more elite athletes wear HUUB wetsuits to compete.

Outside the races, Ross Edgley wore a HUUB wetsuit while swimming 2,000 miles around the British coast in his Great British Swim challenge. HUUB designs wetsuits for triathletes of all levels, from elite athletes to beginners. HUUB wetsuits like Aegis and Axiom uses similar technology but available at affordable price.

Surf the Wave of Chic with HUUB

Comfort and style: After all, why choose one when you can have both? Between aerodynamic lines and modern, versatile models, the shoes of this selection will make the happiness of your feet. While some models may seem a little summer, their anti-cold lining will ensure a successful transition to the chilly season.

Low or high stems, lace-up or simply slip-on, everything is there to punctuate your daily according to your desires. For a sleek and contemporary look, we will put on an immaculate pair, to match with khaki pants and a white shirt.

A Subtle Game of Details and Materials

If you are one of those who do not imagine life without sneakers, you will be satisfied. At HUUB, the models want to be creative, while remaining sober. Thus, HUUB finds materials such as leather or suede, but declined in unexpected colours, while other models will be mixed with discrete patterns. If you want to wear it with skinny jeans, be careful not to tie it up, to balance the volumes.

HUUB: Wetsuits and Accessories

HUUB has more than four decades of experience in endurance sports. The design process of HUUB has always been focused on the athlete. The company has a great passion for developing the most advanced HUUB diving suits at the technological level to maximise performance and comfort.

HUUB Designs are specialist in triathlon clothing, especially in diving suits and accessories. If you are in search of the best triathlon gear and accessories to maximise your potential, HUUB is an idol choice. HUUB has used its 40 years of experience in the field of endurance sports to create the best possible triathlon equipment.

The HUUB triathlon line also includes a wide selection of open sea accessories, such as timing straps, swimming gloves and hats. HUUB Australia also manufactures excellent training accessories, as well as regular swimsuits for men and women. Whatever you need, you'll find it in stock at our Online Store!

Buy HUUB Products Online

At our Online Shopping Store, you can buy HUUB Products Online because we have a wide variety of HUUB wetsuits in stock, including the iconic Albacore wetsuit, known as one of the most technical and fastest suits in the world of triathlon.

Visit our Store and discover specialised triathlon gear and accessories for men and women. HUUB Australia offers products suitable for both beginners and experienced triathlon athletes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.