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Hewlett Packed which is usually known as HP in short. HP is a well-known company that is known for its amazing products. The products include Laptops, printers, Notebooks, ProBook, cameras, scanners, and other electronics products. The HP was founded 80 years ago on 1st of January 1939 having a headquarter in Palo Alto California United State. The name of the company was based on the combination of the owner’s name.

Bill Hewlett and David Packard graduated as electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1935 and launched their company in 1939 that was originated in a garage nearby Palo Alto where its headquarter is usually located now. The name of the company was decided on the toss whether it is to be HP or PH (Hewlett Packed or Packed Hewlett). They started their work as a part-time company The first products that were made by HP was Audi Oscillator. Disney bought these products from the HP in 2008.

HP Journey Toward Success

HP stated producing their electronic products since the 1960s. They first launched their first personal computer in the 1970s. While in 1980s HP start working on manufacturing inkjet and laserjet printers. Apart from that he also launched his scanners later in the 1980s. in 1990s HP start their sales to Iran HP sold over 120$ millions worth of products that include printers, laptops, and other electronics product. In 2001 HP made a contract with the Compaq which is also known for its digital equipment’s. After that, we have seen three letters on every product that includes HPC (Hewlett Packed and Compaq).

In 2003 they start working on the Deskjet printers while from 2006 to 2009 HP start manufacturing products that include desktops, laptops, notebooks, workstations, and other hardware and software components. After 2010 HP also start working on the Smartphone and other handheld electronic products. As per seeing the CEO demand of this company decided to divide its company into two different sectors the first one will manufacture and sell laptops, desktops and other related products. The second sector will manufacture and sell printer products. Apart from that HP also produces some of the amazing digital cameras that were not so popular as the other HP products were.

Where To Buy

HP is still one of the top-selling brands of electronics products which are widely used and loved worldwide. Hewlett Packed served his services around the globe almost in every country the product of HP is easily available from the stores. If you want to purchase HP products like laptops, desktops, inkjet, laserjet, desk jet, work stations, notebook, pro book, and other famous products in Australia you can simply visit Paylessdeal to buy your products online at best price.