HP Z2 Tower G4 Desktops

4/5 $0 - $0

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro and Home 64 bits

Processor: Core i3, i5, i7, i9 ninth Generation up to 5.0 GHz processor

Chipset: Intel C246

Ram: Up to 128 GB DDR4

Storage: 1 TB HDD and 480 SSD

Graphics Card: Intel UHD 610, 630 and Nvidia P600, P1000 graphics card

Keyboard: Not included

Mouse: Not included

Weight: 11.4 kg

HP unveils the most powerful entry-level workstations on the market, aimed at many professionals such as product designers, architects, creatives, equipment manufacturers, teachers and employees in the financial sector. HP Z2 Tower G4 in Australia has been released we have mentioned few stores from where you can purchase this new entry workstation. You can also search for the Mini HP Z2 4G workstation so that you can save some of your money.

Price and Availability

This new HP Z2 Tower G4 improves the efficiency of business processes and offers unprecedented power and software certifications at a lower cost while maintaining optimal graphics performance and security. HP Z2 Mini G4 price in Australia starts from $1000 AUD to $3000 AUD. Whereas if you go for the mini HP Z2 G4 workstation you can also find it in the same range. The price of this workstation may vary according to the user’s requirements.

Operating System and Features

This new powerful workstation HP Z2 Tower G4 is the safest and most manageable workstation. HP Integrated Security Services effectively protect against malware, with the first and only self-repairing BIOS and a unique HP terminal security controller. Powerful and robust security solutions such as HP Sure Start Gen4 and HP Sure Run ensure system integrity at the hardware level, even when malware tries to stop them. In addition, the HP Manageability Kit Gen 2 makes it easy to manage multiple devices.

This workstation is available in different specifications, the basic model comes with the ram of 16 Gb, hard of 500Gb and having Core i7 up to ninth generation. Well for the other variants it is available in Core i3, i5, i7, i9 up to ninth generation with the boost speed up to 5.0 GHz processor. You can extend the ram up to 128 Gb, whereas on the storage side you can extend it up to 1 Tb HDD and 480 GB of SSD.

High Performance

Talking about the Graphics of this workstation the power is doubled as compared to the previous generation of HP Z2 Mini thanks to the NVIDIA P600 or NVIDIA P1000 graphics processor. It is also possible to have the AMD Radeon Pro WX4150 graphics card. The HP Z2 G4 Mini is the only compact workstation on the market with six-core Intel Xeon processors.

Shape and Design

Its space-saving format allows it to be installed under a desk, behind a screen or in a cabinet up to 56 mini HP Z2 workstations fit in a 42U cabinet with the appropriate mounting accessories.  Thanks to its flexible input/output, users can configure the system to connect up to six screens simultaneously. Its innovative design and flexibility allow you to create the ideal configuration for any environment.

Designed to 24/7 reliability standards, all HP Z2 workstations can now use Thunderbolt for fast connection and are certified to use the leading applications on the market. HP Performance Advisor helps optimize software and drivers; customers can also deploy Intel Xeon processors and ECC memory for even more reliability. Customization, performance upgrade, and input/output options guarantee the performance of HP Z stations in the future.