HP Spectre Folio Laptops

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Brand: Dell 

Model: Inspiron 15 3000

CPU Processor: Intel Core i5 and i7 up to eight generation

Graphics Card: Intel UHD graphics card 615

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro and Home

Installed RAM: Up to 8 GB DDR3

Screen Display: 13.3 inches

Data Storage: up to 2 TB of SDD

Battery: 6 cell Lithium-Ion battery

Battery life: up to 19 hours

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Laptop Camera: HP Wide Vision FHD IR camera

Laptop Weight: 1.49 kg

Keyboard: Full-size Backlit Keyboard

The HP Specter Folio is an eye-catching hybrid 2 in one laptop which can be used as laptop and tablet at a time. HP Spectre Folio 13t comes with the leather-coated body. It is not the only area in which it stands out from the competition. It has a unique movement mechanism that includes two hinges, for starters, and a processor that promises increased efficiency compared to silicon used elsewhere.  HP Spectre Folio in Australia was released in October 2018 and is available globally.

Operating System and Features

HP has equipped the Folio with an Intel Core i7-8500Y processor, a 256 GB SSD which can be extended up to 2 TB and 8 GB of ram. If we talk about the specifications and performance of this, it is far better than the other company’s laptop. This is a little different from the scores of rivals, and it proves that HP's Turbo capabilities work well. In real terms, this means that the Folio will have the pace necessary to manage web browsing and Office applications without problems. The battery of this laptop is so good as it gives you almost 20 hours of battery backup on normal use.

Display and Design

The HP Spectre Folio's has a 13.3-inches of the screen has Full HD resolution and Gorilla Glass coating as well as a Full HD webcam in the frame above the panel. The brown leather covers the bottom of the screen and the base and is placed at the front of the machine. The keyboard and screen are securely attached to the stand.

The leather and metal parts of the Folio blend perfectly, and the edges are finished with careful stitching. A discreet HP logo is engraved on the back, and the metal hinge, which looks like a book spine and functions as a backbone, remains hidden behind an additional layer of leather.

Trackpad Keyboard

The slim design means a compact keyboard. These buttons are only 1.3mm, and you don't have a numeric keypad, but they are widely spaced, with a clear font and proper backlighting. Short keystrokes quickly become evident. There is a distinct lack of movement - the keys have quick speed and action, but they don't move much, and they feel light. Both Apple and Dell machines offer a firmer, more definitive typing experience.


Well, to have such a great laptop you will have to spend the right amount of money as Spectre Folio 13t came with the leatherback and got some new configurations. HP Spectre Folio price in Australia ranges from $2000 to $3000 AUD depending on the specification of the laptop. HP is about to release versions of the Folio with burgundy leather instead of the brown included here, and 4K displays will also be available later in the spring although HP has yet to confirm the additional amount.