Homtom is a Chinese brand which is known for its cheap android smartphones. Homtom was founded in 2013 and had a headquartered in China. Well, apart from smartphones, it also manufactures grinding tools and different factory equipment’s. But Homtom smartphones in Australia are mostly used by the Australians due to their high specifications and durability.

Price and Availability

Many smartphone manufacturers are deciding to increase the rates of their designs. Homtom approached it differently, as it just presented a model aiming at the most budget price range. In general, Homtom smartphones price in Australia ranges from 100 to 500 AUD. Here below, we have mentioned several stores from where you can buy these fantastic smartphones in the low price range.


The smartphones offered by the brand aren’t ordinary phones; these are specially designed smartphones which are made with high-quality material and known for their durability. As many users have tested it by dropping the phone from various heights and it didn’t affect the phone.

So if you are looking for high-quality phones in a lesser price tag, then Homtom smartphones are the best option to buy. Although hometom smartphones are not so frequent but still who use these smartphones are totally in love with it.