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Heelys Children Split BlackGre...

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Heelys Children Split BlackGre...

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Heelys Children Split BlackGre...

$ 39.99

Heelys Australia encourages both kids and people of all ages to walk, run on skate, and discover their environment as well as pursue active and healthy lifestyles. It’s entirely your choice with Heelys, and Heelys dares to be himself and invites them to take their place in the world.

The brand story begins in 1999 when Roger Adams (founder of Heelys) came up with an idea to put a wheel in a shoe. At the age of 9 months, he was riding his first pair of roller skates, and the sport love sticks with him. He knew there must be something different when he stayed at Huntington Beach years later and watched kids ride on their boards and on their rollerblades. He opened a couple of sneakers, inserted a wheel for skateboards, and Heelys were born!

Today, Heelys is a proprietary brand in many countries across the world, including Australia and New Zealand, with a rotating wheel in the heel that transforms boots into stable skates and gives consumers the freedom to move from walking to skating by moving their weight to their heads effortlessly. The shoe is as good as any other shoe when the tires are removed quickly.

There is a vision of Heelys Australia to inspire kids to be active, be fearless, explore their freedom, and enjoy the way they want. Heelys is not just an ordinary shoe for a kid – instead, Heelys is an attitude, a way of expressing themselves, of breaking their boundaries and of experiencing their environment in an exquisite way.

 Heelys Products

Heelys offers all of its products at competitive rates, without any doubt. In the following list, Aussies can find a plethora of Heelys shoes in all sizes. Heelys makes its customers happier and satisfied by offering exceptional customer services and products. Its major products include:

Voyager adults shoes for those who never have had reflective shoes. They are entirely different under a flash and sounds only awesome. Features-wise, Voyager Adults has an oversized logo, collar for optimal comfort, padded tongue, and protection. It has full lace closure, collar and padded tongue for high comfort. Moreover, there is a durable rubber sole with extra lightweight EVA midsole and abrasion-resistant brake pad.

Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with this cool denim and rainbow heart design. Motion Plus Adults comes with synthetic upper with breathable toe perforations. Collar and padded tongue are available too for exceptional comfort and full lace closure. The rubber sole is durable enough with an abrasion-resistant brake pad, and it’s finished with a shiny rainbow.

GR8 Pro Adults is an excellent choice when it comes to understating. They are smooth enough, sleek, and stylish, of course. This pair is made of nylon upper with padded tongue and collar to give you protection as well as comfort. There is a shiny finish on logo and counter and lace closure for a secure fit. It has a robust and solid rubber sole with an abrasion resistant brake pad.

GR8R Hi Adults is best in class as it’s super-cool and highly comfortable with the black and pink combination. Both collar and tongue available for optimal protection and comfort and nylon upper. It has lace closure for a perfect and secure fit and shiny finish on the logo and counter.

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