Hasbro Game Night Nintendo Switch

4/5 $30 - $51

Game Information

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 30 October 2018

Genre: Party and board Game

Publisher: Ubisoft

Number of Players: Up to six players

Age limit: 10+

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Hasbro Game Night for Nintendo Switch


Hasbro Game Night (Code in Box) - Nintendo Switch


Hasbro Game Night (Nintendo Switch)


The Owners of Nintendo Switch can enjoy the board games such as Hasbro Game night on their consoles. Ubisoft has announced the release of the Hasbro Game Night on Nintendo switch, which includes three well-known games Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit Live and Risk. It is great fun to have all three games in a single pack. Hasbro game night in Australia was launched on 30 October 2018 and is available on various stores now.


Discover amazing 3D game boards, with the various exclusive characters and many more surprises. Enjoy the new way of playing at home or multiplayer with up to six players. The players can also change the rules with unique goals to shorten the game session or influence the course of the game with event cards.


Lead your troops with up to four other players in a modern way to take down all the enemies and let your team taste the victory and glory. The players can improve their strategies with the tactics advisor and compete with players from around the world to fight for world domination.

Trivial Pursuit Live

Enjoy your favourite game for general knowledge wherever you want with up to three other players on a fast TV show. There will be variously questionnaires in different manners and pattern, and you along with you three friends can answer them to earn the first position.

Play games with a friend and challenge opponents in Versus mode. Choose family questions so that everyone can play and everyone, regardless of age, has the same chances to put their knowledge to the test! Play

Price and Availability

Now you can play your favourite Hasbro games whenever and wherever you want on the Nintendo Switch. You can play this game with your friends and family at your home or online with multiplayer.

All progress is reflected before the eyes of the players in the form of 3D boards with lively developing cities in three styles. Total of six players can play this game in multiplayer mode. Hurry up and buy this game online from the stores as mentioned earlier or from the Ubisoft store. Hasbro Game night Nintendo Switch price in Australia ranges from $30 to $50 AUD.

Those who have not any of these three games which are mentioned above will now be able to immediately buy three projects in the Nintendo Switch Hasbro Game Night bundle. It is worth recalling that Ubisoft's Monopoly is a rethinking of the classic economic real estate board game.