Halloween season is approaching; many are thinking about what costume to wear or looking for the accessories that complement the outfit. Here we give you ideas of Halloween sunglasses Australia for men, women or children that go perfect with the costume you have in mind.

Halloween is the perfect day to bring out the terrifying side; kids love it, and adults love it too. Costumes are the fundamental element: skull, witch, big bad wolf, wounded soldier costumes, undead costumes, corpse bride costumes.

Originality is the key and most valued element in this celebration of the dead, that's why we want to help you choose the most daring sunglasses for this terrifyingly irresistible day.

Let us give you some examples of how to choose the glasses according to your costume. Well for the round glasses we suggest you the following scenarios.

While you are busy making pumpkin pie and sweets, we offer you some ideas for decorating your costume. All you need is your favourite sunglasses and voila! Everything is ready for the nightmare of the year.

Raul Duke

Raul Duke (played by Johnny Depp in the 1998 film adaptation) is definitely a loyal character. He wears aviator glasses with yellow lenses from Ray-Ban. A pair of eccentric glasses combined with Bermuda pants, a Panama hat, a Hawaiian shirt, rolled-up socks and a mouthpiece will help you stand out in the crowd.

Alan from the film "The Hangover”

Popular in recent years, Alan cannot help but cause laughter. Cool aviator glasses in a plastic frame, a beard and a baby carrier for carrying a child are all that is needed to convey the image of this character. Plus / minus - Golden Retriever.

Invisible Man

Great look! Sunglasses are your only accessory, not counting the fabric that covers your face. Points need to choose super noteworthy. We recommend buying round-shaped Paul Smith glasses with leather side shields.

The legendary Men in Black

Another simple and cool Halloween costume. No need to do anything on purpose, just find a black suit and black sunglasses. Let it be a model of glasses Ray-Ban or Blind.

Lady Gaga

This girl takes on a household image. If you're brave enough to appear on Halloween in a bra in the form of balls or a dress of meat, dress up in a Lady Gaga costume. In any case, your possibilities are endless, as long as you have a light wig and red lipstick and Jeremy Scott sunglasses with Mickey Mouse ears.

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