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There is an extensive range of products of Halle Berry in Australia such as fragrances, anti-ageing skincare products and a plethora of other beauty products. Halle Berry DVDs available in Australia include:

  • The Call (UV Digital Copy Included)

Veteran Jordan, a 911 operator, receives a life-altering call from a woman who has been abducted and tossed into the trunk of a madman's car in this heart-pounding and edge-of-your-seat-thriller. But as a clock ticking, Jordan soon realises that she must face a murderer from her past to end the haunting rampage of a serial killer.

  • Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Here is a woman with talent, elegance and ambition. Dorothy Dandridge had to make it to the top. Dorothy has struggled to challenge her colour in Hollywood as a well-known stage performer. Her role as Carmen Jones was struggled by many more famous rivals, and she was the first black woman ever named for the Best Academy Activity Award (R).

  • Frankie & Alice Digital

FRANKIE & ALICE reveals a fascinating true story from an African-American "Frankie" dancer with a wide array of identities, struggling to stay her real self while battling two different alter egos. Frankie (Halle Berry) works with a psychotherapist to reveal and solve the mystery of the internal ghosts that haunt her and stop multiple voices in her head.

  • Extant: Season 1

Academy Award (R) winning producer named Steven Spielberg launched the science fiction thriller movie which explores families, the development and ultimately the human race's life. After a 13-month space mission, Halle Berry performs Molly Woods, an astronaut seeking to readjust to life on earth. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult to slip back into her role as wife and mother when her physician learns that Molly is inexplicably depressed after a year-long solo task.

  • Catwoman (Widescreen Edition)

Patience Philips, a manned graphic artist, works for Hedare Beauty in Gotham City on the verge of releasing a revolutionary anti-ageing product. When Patience stumbles inadvertently over a dark secret which her employer hides, she is attacked and killed. But she is rescued by an Egyptian Mao cat, who was indebted to Patience for saving her life. Thanks to a second and second life in which someone is not entirely human — someone with the strength, pace, agility, and ultra-keen senses of a kitten — Catwoman, a fearless vigilante, is believed to be the identity.

  • The Rich Man’s Wife

Someone plays a very dangerous game! This dazzling thriller stars Halle Berry as a woman trapped hopelessly in a web of horror and suspense — nothing is what it sounds like. Josie Potenza (Berry) has everything, a beautiful home, a privileged life and a rich husband. Yet Josie's almost perfect life takes the nightmarish turn of violently killing her husband, making her prime suspect in the investigation by the police. A mad, blackmailing murderer's primary goal.

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