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Haggar Australia


Haggar Australia was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1926. The owner of the brand personally purchased all the consumables and oversaw production and overtook all commercial booths from the same building in the Santa Fe building. In 1929, Haggar held two floors in a building of 250 workers, and in the next few years, grew to 500 employees and produced 75,000 pairs of pants annually.

Price and Availability

In 1950, Haggar became the first men's clothing brand, which was advertised in today's television commercials. In 1971, Haggar was named the best pants brand in the United States and began issuing her sports jackets, jackets and clothing, " "Custom Fit", which allowed customers to purchase coats and pants separately, creating a new menswear category. Haggar clothing price in Australia ranges from 20 to 100 AUD and is readily available on various online stores. Here above, we have also mentioned some of the best brand products.

Brands' History

In 1933, Haggard developed its production method into a mirror model to produce a straight line in the ford's Henry's automotive industry. Operators started firing pants on one device instead of a beam; Due to changes in operations, production costs decreased, and productivity increased.

In 1938, Haggar officially became a national company, using the nationwide sales network and began its first national advertising campaign. In 1940, Hajjar created the first trousers with handcuffs. The sale of the project led to further growth, allowing the company to move to a new location, including a modern production plant, on Lemon Avenue Sewing Street in Dallas.

Hagara's innovation transcended clothing, creating in 1971 the "Hanger for The Hager Coat", which first allowed retailers to sell suspended pants instead of folding them on the table. In 1980, Haggar, for the first time in the clothing industry, implemented a quick renewal of EDI and used UPCs for merchandise of tickets. In 1987, Hagar invented and patented the size of the "ribbon" stickers, which are used by almost all brands of trousers to determine the size and fit the intricate designs of the pants.