Gucci is among the first luxury fashion brands to incorporate watches into its activities in the early 1970s. Gucci watches are made in Switzerland and bear the stamp of precision and excellence of Swiss Made. Whereas we have seen significant sales of Gucci watches in Australia and other countries such as New Zealand, United States of America and the United Kingdom.

There have been three eras of Gucci watches, and we are going to discuss them all. During the first era, Gucci watches were manufactured under license, which lasted 23 years.

Under this license, the models reflected some iconic Gucci signs like the horse bit and the green-red-green band. One of the "flagship" models of this era was 1500 sold over a million copies: another bestseller, the G Watch which was a success in 1996 and 1997.

The second era, under the direction of Tom Ford, is at the end of the 90s. The iconic codes become more discreet, and the importance is given to sobriety and design. Models 3900, Bamboo and Horsebit (2004) are examples. All three become best sellers and are still sold today many people love to buy Gucci watches in Australia. Once again, Gucci stands out from other players with bold and provocative advertising campaigns.

The third era begins in 2005 with the re-exploitation of the famous icons of the brand. A wide range of watches was introduced in the third era of the Gucci brand. It also includes Gucci men watches and Gucci women watches. In order to unify the brand's strategy, Gucci watches were fully integrated with the Gucci brand in July 2006.

And now the brand contains hundreds of watches for both men and women. By seeing the popularity of the brand, many companies start manufacturing the replicas of the Gucci watches.

Many types of Gucci replica watches available on the market, and you are highly recommended to inquire about the difference of the replica one and the authentic piece if you are going to buy one of high quality. These watches are considered as luxury watches which mean you need to pay a high amount of money to have such a beautiful watch.

Gucci watches price in Australia usually starts from 500 AUD and range up to 5000AUD. So before spending such a significant amount, be careful and purchase it from the trustworthy site.

If you are from Australia and made up your mind to buy these watches, we have mentioned some of the best stores offering you various Gucci watches in a reasonable price range.