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Phone Cover for iPhone 8 Plus...

$ 36.13

Wallet Case for iPhone 87 Leat...

$ 19.99

Case for iPhone8 Plus iPhone 6...

$ 14.79

Lightweight Case for Apple iPh...

$ 19.79

Slim Case for iPhone 8+ 7P 6S...

$ 19.79

Cover Case for iPhone 11 Pro A...

$ 35.41

TACOO Case for Apple iPhone Xs...

$ 15.99

Case Compatible with XR iPhone...

$ 14.79

Slim Case for iPhone Xs Max Ap...

$ 19.79

Leather Card Case for iPhone X...

$ 12.99

Everything you need and compact should be stored in a good, expensive wallet from GUCCI. The Italian label is quite well known in the fashion world for its collection of accessories so that you can count on functionality. Based on the motifs of the fauna, classic combinations of green and red colours for the brand, as well as the abbreviation GG, brand wallets can be easily recognized.

In January 2015, Gucci announced as the new creative director as Alessandro Michele, who at that time had been working for the brand for 12 years. Michele was able to combine the traditions of Italian artisans with the romance and eclecticism of a retro style, making Gucci the most talked about brand in the fashion world.

From Horsebit loafers and Dionysus handbags to hand-embroidered dresses, everything Michele touches is instantly the object of desire. In the new Gucci spring-summer 2020 collection, pay attention to combination dresses with lace accents, vinyl chokers, high-cut midi skirts and deep-necked tops.

How to Choose a Best Wallet

All of us are especially attentive to the issue of choosing our wallet. Of course, because we will use it daily. Therefore, it is so essential that it is not only stylish but also functional, simple. When choosing a wallet, one should consider completely unimportant factors at first glance.

Among them are the number of compartments for cards and business cards, the size, because it must be included in handbags of different sizes, the type of material used, and the level of security (the presence of different types of fasteners).

Women's Wallet Material - An Investment in Quality and Longer Life

Choose an accessory made of quality materials. And it does not have to be genuine leather. You can also choose an accessory made of leatherette or textile material if it is sewn with high-quality and reliable stitches and if this material is thick enough to last you a long time.

In our catalogue, for example, there are a large number of models of women's Gucci wallets from the corporate canvas with bright and fashionable prints this season. Even though they are sewn from canvas, they are of high enough quality to delight you daily with their practicality, convenience and style.

If your choice fell on women's leather wallets, then pay attention directly to the characteristics of the skin and the practicality of this accessory for your purposes.

Look for a practical option

A wallet is a thing that everyone uses several times a day every day. Also, it often needs to be transferred from a purse to a purse. You should be comfortable using it. Moreover, it must contain all the necessary things, that is, not only money but also cards, business cards, etc.