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Is your music very much important to you? Then you should consider going through Gruv Gear in Australia as all Gruv Gear products promise to deliver marvellous quality alongside bang for the buck. The company started its operations as a personal project for Jay Baldemor, but now it has grown with a line of products under different categories in more than 55 countries throughout the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

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They have warehouses in multiple countries such as Shanghai, California, Germany, and Canada but distributing its products across the globe through reliable suppliers and distributors. They have brought a revolution in the world of music and also improved the lifestyle of their customers with innovative carts, bags as well as accessories. Their big achievement is that, as of now, more than 250 world-class producers, performance, millions of travelers and photographers have trusted Gruv Gear with their tech essentials and routine carry.

Besides, with a plethora of products at Gruv Gear Store, they always strive to provide the finest range without having to compromise on quality standards. They also ensure deliverance of the best quality products with the highest efficiency and services, of course. Moreover, Gruv Gear offers round the clock services for the satisfaction of their valued customers, and most important of all, their shipping facilities are very much handy.

Product Categories

  • String Muters
  • Backpacks
  • Guitar Bags
  • Drum Bags
  • Krane Carts
  • Pedalboards
  • Keyboard Bags & more


The company not only strives to have the best price in Australia – but it provides a beautiful range of products at unmatched rates through Gruv Gear Sale. They have the finest range of products under various categories. Some of the best products are as follow:

  • Fork Cargo Bag (Small)

With this heavy-duty cargo bag, expand your Krane AMG cart versatility. It clips the handle or fork rail outside the cart so that it doesn't use rooms in the main loading region, and instead, it provides a generous room to reach your item quickly and easily. It contains 3 outer pockets, a tool and hardware webbing loop, and a secure top handle. Designed from durable polyester and with a warranty of 3 years. All Krane AMG carts are compatible.

  • FretWraps String Muters (3-Pack)

It is a professional string damper that should be accessible to any studio, artist, and amateur tapping artist! Turn on a FretWrap to cut off overtones and sympathetic echo during recording, live performance, two-hand tapping, or other innovative situations where you need the extra hand for a cleaner without the undesired string noise.

  • MTD FretWraps

It is a professional string damper brace, which players worldwide are now in an official MTD version! Experience the same simple and efficient muting capabilities on your 4, 5, 6 and 7-string MTD bass.

  • Flat Bungees (2-Pack)

Save your precious load and equipment and roll in style with those fitting flat bungees. The flat elastic straps are designed to distribute the load evenly and avoid burglary. The protective cover of the hooks does not impact the finish and rust-free of your machinery. The coating is 3X harder over a steel core than traditional hooks and comes with a 2-pack in order to provide the optimum protection and durability.

  • Krane AMG 750 All-Terrain

The strong Krane AMG 750 comes in an All-Terrain configuration, which lets you place your equipment everywhere you work. It provides large pneumatic 10-inch wheels and six-inch locking rotating rollers to work on raw and gentle fields, including grass, mud, and gravel. In order to increase clarity and improve its patented handle adjustment system, the new model also increases the height by 2.

  • Bento

Presenting Bento – Practical stackable mini cases to arrange all of your items to simplify life. Cords of headphones start to get enmeshed? Would you need a fresh battery spot? Will hard drive continue to bang against other things? Organize them in Bentos and cover them! It slides perfectly in 4 sizes into your Club Bag (or any bag) and draws out fast, if necessary. It's also a relief for jetsetters who arrange and neatly isolate carry-on toiletries from the critical devices.

  • QUIVR Drum Stick Bag

This smart drum stick bag is used to turn off a freely standing tray for twelve of your favorite sticks. The left board contains simple but clever "quick draw" pockets for speedy access for up to three pairs, while the right board keeps one drum key and a larger drop-in pocket for squashes, brushes, bundle sticks, and more within reach.

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