As sports supplements distributors Grenade in Australia was founded back in 2009 with a simple mission. They’d grown tired of selling a plethora of stuff that sounded and looked the same. So, Grenade decided to come up with products that people would definitely love and remember. The weight-loss formula was their first and foremost attempt that was quite effective. The product later became Thermo Detonator, and the company became a name where people started recognising this brand.

Today, Grenade remains proud to make every product and formulation as differently as possible, delivering items that are better than those on labels and go beyond that misconception of sports nutrition. Grenade has been named one of the fastest-growing businesses by their dedication – while at 2019 Product of the Year Awards, their most sold Carb Killa bars were voted Protein bar of the year. With an impressive range of products at their official Grenade Store, they are enthusiastic and optimistic as they were the first day. Grenade never dulls whether it’s a global marketing, product development or overseeing the logistics in more than 80 countries.

Product Categories


Plentiful products are being offered under the Grenade Sale section alongside convenient and hassle-free online shopping experience. Moreover, a range of energy drinks and supplements is amazingly large. Some of the best Grenade products are as follow:

Get one of the delicious spreads of Carb Killa, available in three delicious flavours - White Chocolate Cookie, Milk Chocolate and Hazel Nutter. These protein spreads are made from whey protein that is smothered or eaten directly on top of your favourite foods.

Carbo-Killa Shake is the best way to increase your intake of protein without excessive calories and carbohydrates. It's full of flavour and packed with protein. This protein shake delivers deliciously smooth and fluffy, completely free of blame. It is also small in both sugar and carbon and has a bottle of less than 211 calories per 330ml.

Take your routine days to the next level with Grenade Energy. With natural caffeine and additional electrolytes, BCAAS and vitamins, this sugar-free, feature-free, energy drink helps you to fuel your day. Fight your commute, power your day through the Midday meeting, and smash the circuit at late night -make sure you've got more in your Grenade Energy tank, no matter what in your locker today.

50 Calibre is the best pre-workout devastator to take you to the next stage. Citrulline Malate, beta-alanine, caffeine and creatine are used in this hard-hitting supplement to increase energy, power and endurance levels. .50 Calibre helps to reduce fatigue and improve training ability during workouts.  This strong pre-workout is available in four flavours to ensure explosive workouts, which help you break your plateau and tear your goals apart!

The biscuit of Carb Killa protein does exactly what it says about the box! It's the perfect way for biscuit lovers to find a healthier and tastier alternative. This biscuit is perfect for a picnic on the go, a high protein breakfast, a medium-time pick-me-Up or one night in front of the TV treat, with the normal indulgence without the addition of sugar.

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