A major appliance manufacturer Gorenje is actually a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned corporation named Hisense. With its approx. 4% share in the market, Gorenje is the 8th largest appliances manufacturers in Europe. The company started its journey back in 1950 and later expanded into a multinational corporation. Now, it includes 83 subsidiaries and most of them are located in Slovenia.

Household appliances aside for a while, Gorenje manufacturers ceramics, kitchen as well as bathroom furniture and many more services in the field of energy, trade and ecology. One of the most common products manufactured by Gorenje in Australia is their Washing Machines – in fact, SensoCare generation of washing machines.

The complete range of Gorenje washing machines is reliable in your daily care for your laundry. The company knows the importance of your precious time and patience. Therefore, there are a handsome number of washing machines in the Australian market and most important of all, Best Gorenje Washing Machines Prices are competitive and affordable than any other brand. Gorenje has washing machines that are perfect for different lifestyles and offer every user the functions they desire. They are capable to wash easily and environmentally friendly. No matter which model you choose, all washing machines are designed to wash gently and with care. After every wash, the fabric remains flexible and fresh and colours retain the right hue.

Gorenje Washing Machines Features

SensoCare technology

SensoCare technology guarantees the best possible washing of all types of fabric. The optimal balance of temperature and water, time and spinning speed is always achieved. However, if your clothes require special treatment, additional modes and functions can be added to the cotton and synthetic fiber programs. For each laundry load, NormalCare chooses an ideally appropriate combination of all four parameters, decreases washing time by TimeCare, uses more water and less rinsing cycles, and EcoCare is the most energy-efficient washing process.

TimeCare program is actually an intensive and fast wash for small loads and less soiled laundry.

Unlike TimeCare, EcoCare is somewhat longer but it doesn’t take too much power and water.

Thorough rinsing works best when detergent residues and thus allergens are eliminated which can create an uncomfortable skin sensation.

AntiAllergy Programs

AntiMites, Baby and AntiAllergy Cotton programs use more temperature, water and additional rinsing. The detergent is, therefore, extracted faster and the washing process is rinsed thoroughly. Washing powder, allergens and mites that may cause a reaction to sensitive or particularly sensitive baby skin will be removed from your clothes, bedding and bigger garments.

The program uses additional water to remove the detergent more quickly and thus to wash the laundry. The laundry is washed in warm water for a longer time to deal with the worst stains in baby food. The washing will be clean without any trace of washing powder and allergens which might irritate the extra delicate skin of the baby.

There are many other programs you will be encountered with if you look to Buy Gorenje Washing Machines in Australia. The program is designed for larger items such as bedding, pillows and sheets. The washing pattern is specially adapted to avoid tangling in order to ensure that they are washed properly, while the extra thorough rinse leaves allergens and mites free that may cause an unpleasant sensation.

Quick washing at a higher temperature and more water results in outstanding washing, and additional rinsing make it even more comprehensive under the AntiAllergy Cotton program. This washing mode is especially suitable for those with sensitive skin as all irritating allergens are removed thoroughly.


All Gorenje washing machines drums are made from the high-quality stainless-steel with a marvellous smooth surface. Hence, all of your clothing items are washed properly and spun without any damage.


NightWash program enables you to wash your laundry easily and silently. The drum moves/spins quite slowly but gently and is compensated with a somewhat longer wash which leaves your laundry perfectly clean.

Other Programs

Where to Buy?

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