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In all weather conditions like sunny, rainy, or snowy, cyclists or riders need to ride comfortably. Gore Wear Australia is one of the best brands of sportswear and accessories offering all significant accessories for sportswear, running, and Bike Wear. Gore Wear Australia provides extraordinary comfort, for optimal insulation and perfect breathability.

Gore Wear Mission and Objective

The Gore Wear brand's mission is to push the boundaries of textile technology through permanent innovation programs and designs.

This commitment is reflected in the development of its prototypes to the bright details of the finished product. And when the engineers went as far as possible in the development of the product, they continue to move forward.

People are at the heart of this evolution. Each Gore product is the result of close partnerships: Gore works with professional athletes to research, develop and test the effectiveness of their clothing, setting new standards in comfort and protection.

From Gore Bike Wear and Gore Running Wear to Gore Wear

GORE RUNNING WEAR came into existence in 1997, offering the best quality Wear for runners. Gore Running Wear Australia manufactures highly functional and comfortable garments that are resistant in any weather. With the modern design and intelligence of Gore Running, it allows the runner to feel happy and positive during his career or training.

The Gore Wear brand becomes versatile in Running Wear, Cycling Wear, and its accessories. With its emerging popularity worldwide Gore decided to merge two brands Running Wear and Bike Wear. Since 2017, Gore Running Wear and Gore Bike Wear joined in a single entity named as Gore Wear to meet the needs of its customers and provide maximum performance and comfort.

In summer 2018, the brand Gore Wear adopted a new slogan, "Always Evolve" and the launch of a new logo similar to Gore-Tex, with a new ambassador, Fabian Cancellara. The former Olympic champion Swiss professional cyclist becomes the face of the new Always-Evolve marketing campaign of Gore Wear.

Gore Bike Wear

It does not matter whether it's raining or the sun is shining brightly. The cyclists always desire to feel protected in all situations and move as comfortable as possible without compromising on aerodynamics or robustness. It is the guideline followed by the GORE Bike Wear product developers.

It's all about innovating! The Gore Wear team primarily composed of great cycling enthusiasts always wants to be one step ahead and participate in the latest developments on the market or even better, promote them. It is why the developers rely directly on the anatomy of cyclists and mountain bikers and care about design only in a second time.

In terms of design, GORE Bike Wear Australia is known to be somewhat classy. There is no need to worry about the functionality of the products. Reflective elements, aerodynamic fit, and convincing pocket designs are an integral part of almost any product and are the best reason to opt GORE Bike Wear cycling clothes.

Gore-Tex: Technology at the Service of Cycling


The Gore-Tex is an extraordinary material, which allows perspiring without being tempered: it is indeed a high-tech covering, which combines the maximum impermeability and breathability properties.

This design allows you to ride comfortably, whatever the conditions. An associated technology, Shake-Dry, provides a smooth outer coating, on which water flows, much like the feathers of a duck, where the water flows without entering the down.

Gore Windstopper Technology: Windproof and Breathable

The Windstopper shell is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). This material makes it possible to obtain micropores which allow breathing the body but keeping all its qualities windproof.

This technicality is used for cycling jackets such as the Gore Wear C5 Women's Hooded Jacket, in sleeveless vests Such as the Gore Wear C3 Windstopper light vest, and in Gloves such as gloves Gore Wear Windstopper.

Why Cyclist chose Gore Wear?

Gore Bike Wear Australia is a well-known brand to design products with advanced technologies that offer the best performance, comfort, breathability, and cutouts for the cyclists.

Concerned about the environmental impact of its products, Gore uses mass-dyed textiles and recycled raw fabrics to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 60%. These filament colouring methods also make it possible to obtain a much better colourfastness to light.

The Gore Wear Australia range also incorporates recycled fabrics to reduce the amount of plastic waste and limit the use of natural resources to produce sustainable and efficient products. To carry out this action, the Gore textile division has also approached Greenpeace to phase out PFCs by implementing a significant innovation program.

Buy Gore Wear Products Online

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The American brand has all the assets to attract the intensive users of the bike, or those who wish a high level of comfort without compromising on the functional aspect. Buy Gore Wear Products Online in Australia at our store and avail the best quality product at a lesser price by price comparison.