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Givenchy Australia

Givenchy is a French brand known for its clothing, jewellery, perfumes, and cosmetics. Givenchy in Australia is as much famous as it was in France. There are many Givenchy stores in Australia is available which offers your all kind of products manufactured by the company.  Givenchy brand was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy who was the owner of the brand and retired in 1995.

In 2001 after Hubert, John Galliano was appointed as a designer but was later replaced by Alexander McQueen. Julien McDonald was appointed an artistic director of women's lines. While in 2003, Ozwald Boateng was appointed designer for the men's range. Clothing ranges include haute couture as well as women's and men's ready-to-wear. The brand has a wide range of clothing, perfumes, watches for both men and women.

Riccardo Tisci was finally appointed head designer of women's fashion in 2005. Tisci's apparent fascination with gothic touches and the minimalism of the attention paid to the brand by the conquest of space. So far, critics and results have been mixed and contradictory, but many, including influential fashion critics, have rallied to the trends of Tisci's conceptual future. The brand's potential to revitalize it and infuse it with precision and imagination.

You can buy almost every cosmetic, perfumes or any clothes for man and women from Givenchy on sales which were offered by many online retailers, as the brand is currently serving in more than 69 countries having almost 50 stores which provide you with the best Givenchy products.

Givenchy Brand History and Success

The French designer began his career with a great dream at the age of 17 years, he left his hometown Beauvais in the north of the country, to go to the significant French capital to study design. Paris, the cradle of talent and great artists in the golden age. For Givenchy, leaving was like a dream and especially when he arrived, since it was the post-war years, a time of light and surrealism.

He idolized a famous seamstress named Cristobel Balenciaga. He had the illusion of knowing him in person and showing him everything he had drawn. It was not until the 50s that he began to take off his career as a fashion creator when his designs capture the attention of the female market and some recognized Hollywood actresses.

Loved by Famous Actors

The famous actress, Audrey Hepburn, used many of Givenchy brand designs. After meeting, Hubert she automatically became Givenchy's muse. It is no accident that a few years after meeting, the designer created, in honor of the actress, a perfume called The Forbidden intended for large fashion houses such as Chanel.

Their relationship, beyond being a designer and a model, became a friendship of "haute couture." He designed and made Audrey's iconic black dress at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The brand launched it into cultural and artistic spheres, as an excellent reference of how feminine fashion should be, since the elegance and simplicity of his designs invited women to belong to the style.

His designs were not only limited to the artistic field, from the United States, Jackie Kennedy, first lady, and wife of former President John Kennedy contacted the sewing house requesting clothes. Jackie went down in history as one of the first best-dressed ladies. Givenchy in Australia is getting famous due to its worthy and latest designs.

Grace Kelly, Hollywood actress and subsequently Princess of Monaco, was also part of Mr. Givenchy’s range of clients. Este designed an emerald green dress, worn in a public appearance in 1961. But let's not go that far, the designer's style has come to the present. In 2014, Kim Kardashian celebrated her anniversary with rapper Kanye West, wearing a white Givenchy dress.

Suitable for Any Women's

Actresses, models, celebrities, representatives, businesswomen, Hubert De Givenchy, is one of the fashion designers who has managed to dress all kinds of women, regardless of their profession. It’s simple, elegant, and light style has created a timeless seal in the feminine image and the fashion world. The mixture of traditional and modern elements means that Kim Kardashian can wear a dress in the same way as Audrey Hepburn, with a difference of more than 60 years in history.

Men’s and Women’s Perfumes

The French couture firm Givenchy has a great history in the world of men's perfume. His first perfume was launched in 1957, inspired by the muse of the Audrey Hepburn brand. Just two years after, he starts his career in the world of men 's fragrances with Monsieur de Givenchy fragrance that excels in this ranking as one of the best French perfume.

The great perfume tradition was enhanced with the arrival of the creative director Riccardo Tisci in 2005. This Italian designer renewed the brand's strategy, and in this period, not only new perfumes were launched, but also the brand's great classics were reformulated the perfumes collections.

Givenchy is one of the firms with more tradition in perfumery. With more than half a century launching perfumes, it has a large number of legendary classic scents that have recently rescued in the Les Exclusives collection.

Founded by Monsieur de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn as muse, this French luxury brand has launched more than 200 perfumes. It is characterized by its very feminine, seductive, and lasting fragrances. It has a good number of legendary classic scents that we did not want to stop recommending. You can purchase Givenchy perfume in Australia from any online store, to save some money to buy it with paylessdeal.com.au which can help you to compare the prices.