What is the best way to meet the ocean, what will be good in the cold waters in Australia and on the sunny beaches? Where to Get SurfWear for Girls in Australia as well as for Women, Boys, and Men. Paylessdeal offers the Best Girls SurfWear, Lycra, swim suits, leggings, and all clothing accessories. 

Board shorts for Girls

Good old comrades board shorts, which have long displaced short panties from the beaches of the whole world, which in everyday life many people contemptuously call "seagulls". And down with them, those seagulls - riding in such shorts are considered unworthy in the world of surfers. Leave the girls the privilege of showing most of their legs and pop.

Surfing shorts are available not only for men but also for women. It is convenient and reliable in bikinis washable conditions, but such clothes, unfortunately, do not dye women's uniforms. Knee-length board shorts are not the most popular form of wave conquerors, but for kids, teens and beginner surfers, they are a great way to protect your feet from rubbing against the rough surface of the board. There are also women's short options for surfing shorts, comfortable and practical.

Types of Girls SurfWear

LYCRA (Rash Guard)

This is a stretch jacket, that is, tight, if we speak in our native language. This uniform protects you from the sun, sand and roughness of the board. When surfing, we always advise students to use Lycra for surfing.  A plain tee or jersey can also work well for surfing. But go for a synthetic tight-fitting, while oversized cotton is not the best choice for a surfer.

There is a variety of women's lycra, similar to gymnasts' costumes or the same swimwear for surfing, but with sleeves. Ideal, allowing you to show your figure, but save yourself from sunburn.


Hello from the 90s, coloured skinny leggings are a real godsend for surfing in the hot sun on soft coated boards (student boards).


A typical picture from the beach - a girl in a bikini with a board proudly walks towards the waves. In fact, riding in a bikini is inconvenient. All the details of the costume strive to remain in the ocean or, at least, to crawl, untie and get tangled. Riding in this outfit is suitable for nimble and experienced surfer girls, and in the tropics, a bareback while surfing is a burnt back.


One-piece swimsuits are much better for surfing, but they leave fancy tan lines, which for beautiful conquerors of the elements can be a small, but a problem. Women's swimwear brands Rip Curl, Billabong and Roxy are considered to be the most comfortable bikinis for surfing. Special cut and security ties are the keys to success.


The fresh trend of all surf beaches is swimwear made of thin (0.5-2 mm) neoprene. Neoprene is the same material used to make wetsuits. This surf swimwear will keep you warm on cool mornings in the water, hold on well and will not fade, tear and look great. Minus one - the price is higher than the usual price for a bikini.


A good surfing wetsuit will be a comfortable and reliable companion for any surfer - protection from reefs and sand and, of course, from cold and wind. There is nothing to say about sunburn)

You need to choose a wetsuit for specific conditions: the maximum you may need is a spring suit (with short shorts and different lengths of sleeves) 1-2 mm. For more serious conditions, full wetsuits (with long sleeves and legs) 3-7 mm are needed.


Reef shoes, or surfing water slippers, are thick rubberized socks to protect your feet from dangerous reefs. We distribute these shoes to students when needed. On sandy beaches, they will only be a hindrance to you.

Helmet - as in any sport - head protection. Helmets have never been popular with surfers. This topic is for a separate article about the need for a helmet: it can both save and harm. In any case, you will not need it for lessons at our surf school.

A surf cap is great sun protection. It helps to protect from burns not only the skin of the face, ears and head but also burns of the eyes.

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