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The number of companies producing or manufacturing portable inverter generators are a few. But when it comes to the Australian market, Gentrax in Australia has got you covered.

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The company is known to offer its customers a wide range of highest quality portable inverter generations without having to leave a dent on their wallets. Every single model is designed quite gorgeously with extra care alongside many technological features to entice you.

Moreover, all their models available at their official Gentrax Store in Australia are capable enough to provide you with a huge power for a number of different occasions. The reason behind their existence is that they haven’t found any brand as true as they claim.

Therefore, Gentrax brought their models into the market and interestingly, all models are as true as the company claims. There are four core beliefs of a company – Quality, Quiet, Portability and Pure Sine Wave. Every available model is technology-enriched with enticing design, and it can be fit into even smaller places.

Since their inception – 1989, Gentrax has been in collaboration with one of the largest manufacturers and jointly produced a number of generators every single year to provide you with the creative portable generators at competitive rates.

Besides, the company promises quiet operation, super-smooth power flow, exceptional portability as well as reliable output that helps to withstand with harsh conditions of Australia.

Product Categories

  • GS-6500IE


There are many online platforms in Australia, offering different models at unmatched rates through Gentrax Sale for a specific period of time. You can also find a range of portable inverter generators at their official online store under different categories. Some of the best models are as follow:

  • Blue 3.5KW Max 3.0KW Rated Inverter Generator

Your most sensible devices can be powered with its Pure Sine Wave output by a 3.5kw inverter generator. You know that your Gentrax provides power, reliability, and high quality because it provides the largest output for a generator of its size on the market. It can also operate most air conditioners of the caravan.  And it's your best friend on the road because it’s stunned, but still so quiet.

  • Blue 2.0KW Max 1.7KW Rated Inverter Generator

Max 2KW is a world-class generator for which you can never go wrong. This generator is sure to cover all your charging needs from the quick start of recoil pull to the various outlets for different devices. Competent and quiet, it would certainly be easy to enjoy your camping nights. It's great for sensitive devices like laptops, smartphones and other similar gadgets while operating 100% pure sinewave output.

  • 3.5KW Max 3.2KW Rated Inverter Generator

Power your cabin, campsite or caravan to enjoy fresh food, cold drinks, lighting, even some of your electronic gadgets for children or to quickly check out some emails. You can depend on it everywhere, as the ideal backup power supply!

  • Red 3.5KW Max 3.0KW Rated Inverter Generator

Your caravan is your home by the way so as to drive it, in the same way, using Gentrax 3.5kw pure sine waves to load even the sensitive equipment.  You know that you are in good hands with your Gentrax with power, functionality and high quality since this generator offers the biggest output on the market for its size.

  • 6.0KW Max 5.5KW Rated Inverter Generator

This inverter is powerful and full of functionality. It is 90 kg heavy duty and is own in any yard, office, large hut or farm. Strengthening and going into the equipment was never easier. Without interrupting your power access, you can do everything you need. The Gentrax generator is a perfect power source for running many of your hard-to-work machines.

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With that in mind, all products can be bought at a reduced rate. Here on this single page, we’ve gathered a plethora of information from different online stores for your convenience to compare Gentrax Prices and choose one without having to spend a fortune.

The above-mentioned stores and retailers are enabling you to go through a wide variety of rates and offers and get your desired product at incredible rates. So, what are you waiting for?