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Price and availability

Brand recognition in the food additives market is supported by our main customers, with about 80% of first division football clubs and Olympic athletes from different disciplines and rugby clubs. GenTec protein and supplements prices in Australia range from A$50 to A$100. Here below, we listed some stores where you can buy any of the commercial additives at the lowest prices.


GenTec believes that the pace of life is credited, and demands are now growing. Therefore, the use of additives is essential not only to increase athletic performance but also to improve quality of life through the different uses of our product.

Supplements are the consumption of natural nutrients, all the same in optimal quantity and with maximum absorption rate, which produces hormonal and biochemical effects, suitable for better adaptation to sports training. Supplements increase exposure to impact through exercises and reduce unwanted.

GenTech offers a wide range of food additives to promote the goals of a balanced diet. These supplements and proteins meet our energy needs. These diets are useful for maintaining and developing our body structures. Supports the regulation of vital processes for the proper functioning of the body.

When we eat food, that is, when we eat, we not only satisfy the appetite and enjoy it, but we provide our bodies with the nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Nutrients are essential substances for the human body to perform various functions that can only be purchased with the help of food or food additives.

Daily activities require daily energy consumption. It involves standing, moving to school or the workplace, visiting the gym, attending meetings, cooking, childcare and many other tasks demolishing your body condition, which must be replaced to ensure a healthy life.