This protein is designed to be digested over a period of seven hours, making it perfect for eating before bedtime or at any time of the day when access to meals is difficult. Casein is beneficial because it absorbs much slower than other proteins, it acts as an anti-catabolic protein, which means it reduces significant muscle degradation and provides your body with a source of nutrients available for hours, helping to control appetite and recover muscles.

History of the brand

This Gen-TEC nutrition brand was founded in 1999 by Nick Jones. Nick Jones devoted his life to nutrition, health and the art of bodybuilding. Gen-TEC's formulations are constantly evolving and the sales are rapidly growing in Australia. Not only in Australia these products are also exported to foreign markets. The founder of the brand is primarily a sports nutritionist whose motive is to improve the quality of life and improve performance through its nutrition, exercise and specific supplementation that can help your immune and digestive system. Nick's dedication to bodybuilding is now giving better results over the past 11 years and has been justified by his achievements through local, national and international platforms. His achievements include Mr. world, Mr. Australia, Mr. Australasia and the first finalist in the prestigious Mr. universe competition all these are using the products of GenTec Supplements.

This casein protein is applicable for male and female consumption. It is available for a variety of consumers ranging from everyday fitness enthusiasts to sprinters and bodybuilders. It is best to lose body fat/weight, increase muscle recovery/mass and overall sporting performance. Reach your maximum potential with this casein protein-based product, ideal for all fitness enthusiasts. This supplement contains the optimal amino acid profile to ensure lean muscle mass gain and improved muscle recovery. Rich in branched chain amino acids, l-glutamine precursors and slow-digestion proteins, this delicious treat ensures that the necessary nutrients reach your muscles and also improve your recovery. Exclusively casein protein custard also contains colostrum containing at least 35% immunoglobulin G-to strengthen your immune system and digestive system.

Where to Buy

GenTec is an Australian nutrition brand which is serving its products since 1999. Nick Jones is the founder of this brand which devoted his life to the body builders and nutrition’s to look smart and fit. These nutrition supplements improve your muscle growth and strength it also helps you to improve muscle recovery. It also helps to support your immune and digestive system. If you want to purchase these GenTec Supplements you can place your orders on the Australian most trustworthy website