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The gaming industry has a wide selection of gaming manipulators and gaming accessories. Game devices are presented in the following types: gamepad, joystick, game role, and motion controller. All these devices are designed to replace the non-functional mouse in games. Modern manipulators are more convenient and realistic in computer games. By preferring game manipulators, the player gets more features, gaming experience, and functions during the gameplay due to more buttons, levers, and other elements.

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Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710


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SteelSerieGaming Controller Dual-Wirele...


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Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Pair...


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Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Pair...


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Mobile Game Controller, 4-in-1 Upgrade V...


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Logitech 945-000023 G Pro Flight Yoke Sy...


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2 Pack Classic N64 USB Controller,kiwita...


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EasySMX 2.4G Wireless Controller for PS3...


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USB SIM Handbrake PC Windows for Racing...


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Dual Controllers Charging Dock Charger S...


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Avisiri 2 Player Arcade Joystick DIY Par...


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QUMOX Wired Xbox One Controller USB Game...


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Thrustmaster GP XID PRO (PC)


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2.4 GHz Wireless USB SNES Controller for...


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Game Controller, IUGGAN Game Pad Sensiti...


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Logitech 4021846 H.O.T.A.S. RGB Throttle...


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Connectors distinguish game controllers for connection. You can connect the device to a computer via a USB port or Bluetooth module; the same applies to Sony PS and Xbox game consoles. Most modern gamepads have a hybrid connection model. For iOS owners, the connection is via the Lightning interface. Game Controllers in Australia are readily available online; here above, we have enlisted in several game controllers.

Price and Availability

The keyboard and mouse cannot limit the gaming computer world. All the potential and quality of the game can be revealed only with the help of special peripherals; it's the steering wheel, joysticks, and, of course, gamepads. Such controllers are indispensable in flight simulators, races, arcades, allowing the player not only to act more quickly but also to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality fully. Games Controller price in Australia starts from 15 AUD, which is not a significant amount to spend to enjoy the real fun while playing games.

Why Use Game Controller

Using controllers and gamepads, you can control the gameplay with high quality. The technique of this type can be used in conjunction with both personal computers and game consoles, and mobile devices. The most common type of equipment belonging to the controller and gamepad group is gamepads. These compact devices, in the vast majority of cases, offer the ability to operate with both hands. Most gamepads are similar in design, but their functionality can vary significantly.

When choosing controllers and gamepads, first of all, you need to build on compatibility with the equipment you are using. Wireless devices differ from each other in the range and type of batteries (such models can be powered both from batteries and from a rechargeable battery, and instead of batteries, you can use a finger or little finger batteries).

How to choose game controllers?

Universal models, if they occur, are rare. Besides, the master must choose tools "for themselves" but take into account. Compatibility with the systems of your console, computer, laptop, so that the gadget is easily connected.

Quality of assembly and reputation of the manufacturer

If, during the game, the button gets stuck, everything sticks and works every other time. The savings are questionable. By the way, the price here is not the final figure. A budget joystick or gamepad can last longer and more reliably. Ideally, it is better to test the performance of your favorite model in advance, especially since well-known manufacturers often arrange such mini-presentations.

The number of control keys, design, and ergonomics are also the main factor before selecting any gamepads. Taking the accessory in your hands, you should not feel tension and discomfort. Sliding of the controller is not allowed, so often, rubber pads are provided on its sides. Type of connection wireless, wired. The first is more convenient, but such gamepads are heavier due to the weight of the battery, and their cost is higher than in similar wired models.

Essential Factors to observe before buying game controllers

Most games are first developed for consoles and then released in computer versions. It is inconvenient to control such a match utilizing the keyboard and a mouse; for this purpose, select consoles - game gamepads are required. The buttons on such manipulators are divided into two parts. On the left are the elements to control the direction of movement of the character (forward / backward, right / left). To the right are the action buttons (hit, shoot, bounce, sit down). This device is suitable for shooters, simulators, and fighters.

To buy a suitable device, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the controller: the type of connection, controls, compatibility with different platforms.


All game gamepads are divided into wired and wireless. Devices with a cord are convenient if you sit close to the monitor. They are light and do not slip out of your hands. The length of the wire limits the main disadvantage of the movements of the gamer. To avoid this, you should buy a wireless device. This option has a higher price. Also, you need to charge or change the batteries regularly. Some models support both types of connections.


Judging by user feedback, 8-10 controls are enough for most games. When choosing a device, look at the D-pad button (another name - the cross button). A split crossover gamepad is worth buying for fighting, as it will allow you to use more algorithms for attacks. An integral D-pad is suitable for other types of games. Some devices are equipped with analog joints and triggers. For comfortable operation, the buttons can have a non-slip coating.


A multi-platform gamepad works with a computer and a console. When choosing such a model, you need to pay attention to the number and type of connectors (different ports are used for PC and console).


Vibration - allows you to quickly respond to the state of the character (the controller vibrates when overloaded and injured). Manufacturers do not recommend using this feature to children because it interferes with the development of motility.

Force response - depending on the situation, you can adjust the height of the character's jump and the force of his blow. In racing, this option allows you to turn the steering wheel on corners quickly.