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ELASO USB Charging Cable Compa...

$ 4.50

EverDrive GBA X5

$ 434.56

Compatible Nintendo NDSL GB GB...

$ 24.95

New Full Housing Shell Cover C...

$ 29.79

New Rechargable Battery Pack f...

$ 15.97

OSTENT 2 Player Game Link Conn...

$ 5.59

Gametown Screen Lens Case Cove...

$ 5.97

Castles Crusades Codex Nordic...

$ 51.86

Open Season Game

$ 49.39

Cabbage Patch Kids: Patch Pupp...

$ 46.97

IPS Ready Upgraded eXtremeRate...

$ 29.99

eXtremeRate Chameleon Purple B...

$ 29.99

IPS Ready Upgraded eXtremeRate...

$ 29.99

Nintendo Gamecube Game Boy Adv...

$ 108.45

Compatible Nintendo NDSL GB GB...

$ 42.57

NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 N7 S...

$ 56.07

The Game Boy Advance Australia GBA has the same accessories as its Game Boy and Game Boy Color little sisters: The Magnifying Glass, The Link Cable (up to 4 players),and the Wi-Fi multiplayer adapter. The rechargeable battery is initially integrated into the console (for GBA SP and micro).

Some evolutions like the Game Boy Pocket, then the Gameboy light will emerge, but, in 1998, the Japanese firm leaves its boxes the Game Boy Color. In 2001 the Game Boy Advance was released. Its strengths: an innovative look, a more powerful console, and a new game format. Its big plus: compatibility with old cartridges. In the continuity, Nintendo will release in 2003 the Game Boy Advance SP, then the Game Boy Micro in 2005.

Various Gameboy advanced gaming accessories can be used to add fun to your gameplay. Gameboy Advance Accessories price in Australia ranges from 10 to 100 AUD. Here above, we have enlisted some of the best stores from where you can buy these accessories. Here below, we have mentioned some of the best Gameboy Accessories.

A host of more or less wacky accessories came to accompany the success of the Gameboy. Here is a small non-exhaustive list:

Goodbye batteries to change every four days. This accessory allowed you to play for hours on battery or while remaining connected to the mains.

This cable was plugged into another console to exchange data or play in multiplayer mode.

And there was light! This lighted magnifying glass hung on top of your console and allowed you to play in the dark.

Equipped with a lamp, a magnifying glass, a joystick, and speakers. Your portable console immediately became less ergonomic!

A “webcam” with a resolution of 128 x 112 pixels and the Game Boy Printer allowed the photos taken to be printed.

This adapter allowed you to play your Gameboy games on the Super Nintendo.

Only the Japanese can make such an accessory! The sewing machine follows the commands of your game console.

An accessory to listen to the radio on your portable console!

Sold in Japan, the Game Boy Pocket Sonar allowed fishers to locate fish underwater.

A rather improbable accessory. It allowed you to test your glucose level with your console.

To relax your children during a medical or dental operation, this accessory diffused laughing gas while your child remained focused on his game!