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Funkier Australia

One of the best brands for cycle wear, Funkier Australia, offers high-quality cycling clothes and apparels in a budget-friendly price. A legacy continued for many years to manufacture the products with precision engineering and design that is trusted by several prop Cyclist worldwide.

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An extensive range of Bike collection is manufactured under the brand’s name, which includes protective gear, helmets, and cycling wear and clothes for women, kids, and Men.  Elite level products with supreme quality are snug, resilient, aerodynamic, breathable, and lightweight comes at an affordable price. Many pro cyclists wear brands cycling clothes and other accessories.

Three Level of Performance

Funkier Australia maintains its level of performance with three tiers Pro, Elite, and Active for Men, women, and Kids. Classic design with long-lasting material the brand won so many awards and is famous worldwide.


A particular tier that is for elite-level riders and the cyclist who needs to look fit with a bit of style and looks. K Elite features the latest performance technology with an aerodynamic race fit for keeping racers on podium.


K Pro, a tier level category for passionate riders that desires a maximum performance with the design and style.


From dawn to dusk, K active meets your all needs providing you performance, durability, efficiency,  and comfort for every kind of riders.

Funkier Zippers and Pullers

Not just ordinary zippers or pullers, these unique Zippers offer much more. Acting as binding agents for comfortable wearing and removing, Funkier supports the ventilation system in zippers as well. Light-weight, easy to operate, controlled temperature and much other functionality are present in reflective zippers.

The significant impact that attracts the rider to use Funkier zippers is that they offer a complete range of waterproof collection that prevents you from getting get in the rain.

Funkier Grippers

While riding, we often notice that keep paddling cause shorts to ride-up as the muscles continuously move and flex during cycling.  Leg Grippers are the saviour that keeps the short bound at their position while riding. Same way, Funkier Australia offers Arm gripper to ensure your jersey, hood, or zipper remains where they are. Gripper manufactured by DL-doubled-over fabric keeps your shorts and jerseys tighten at their spot.

Funkier Pads

A comfortable ride while riding is necessary for the Cyclist and riders because for adventurous rides rider’s comfort is essential for better performance and enhanced riding. Funkier provides the best Pad collection that covers the pressure points, freely movement, and prevents chafing between the legs. For all genders Men, Women, and Kids, Funkier has a versatile range of K-Elite, K-Pro, and K-Active Pads collection.

Funkier Helmets

Your security is our concern, and to provide the best featured and quality helmets are our duty. Keeping that motive in heads Funkier builds innovative helmets with quality features like a cooling vent, three-click fit system, magnetic buckles and many more.

Funkier Bike helmets undergo testing several times to ensure that they provide safety in all aspects to achieve the safety standards in countries like Australia, the US, and Europe, it's essential to check the product’s quality and its material.

Funkier Helmets includes following features that make them one of the best and top-rated products of Funkier brand:

  • Cooling Vendors
  • Magnetic Buckles
  • QuickDry Cooling
  • Poly net for Preventing Insects
  • Easy Release Strap Clips
  • Aerodynamic Shape
  • Lightweight
  • Out Mould and In-Mould Technology
  • 4-Mode LED Blinker
  • 3 Steps user-friendly fitting system
  • Integrated Chin Guard
  • X3 sheet of helmet stickers
  • US and Euro Standards

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