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Fulcrum Australia is manufacturing the top-class Wheels and components for the global cycling market since 2004. The brand is committed to building the most durable and superb reactive wheels and cycling accessories. Today, Fulcrum Wheels is operating in more than 30 countries and offering the best wheels for the cyclist.

For those who are looking for excellent performance with elegant designs, Fulcrum provides traditional aluminium wheels with carbon fibre and also the wide aerodynamic range of wheels. Professional players like Tom Boonen, Paolo Bettini, Julien Absalon, and many others praise the quality of Fulcrum Wheels as they are best wheels & Tires for all roads.

Brand Overview

It all started with the three aerospace engineers with their ideas that led them to higher achievements today, and all these engineers were passionate about cycling. Making their idea and dream a reality, Fulcrum now is a famous brand all over the world, offering a variety of road products.

Based in Arcugnano near Vicenza in Italy, in recent years this company has acquired a spotless reputation, both in the design and the manufacture of its components. It must be said that on the initiative of its creation are three former aerospace engineers.

Using only ultralight material and to maximize the performance, the brand developed a series of systems that are unique till the date. Taking care not to decrease the wheel force while minimizing the weight of the wheels, Fulcrum offers you the most suitable products to achieve maximum performance & results with its exclusive technology and pedalling performance. These wheels are suitable and idol for all surfaces, either rocky, smooth, or dirt.

The brand for sure was born for the road racing, but in 2008 two primary and significant innovations that joined the Fulcrum family are off-road wheels and cranks for a bike race. The off-road wheels prove to live up to their excellent results.

As mentioned above, they use the ultra-light material (carbon fibre, Aramide, and aluminium) while retaining the strength of the wheel. The 2:1 (Two-to-one) systems are unique in the world which usually uses to bend the radii at the critical points, creating dynamic balance, and for the balanced rotation of the wheel. Also, the MoMag for durability and perfect clamping of the Spokes, as well as Axial Fixing System (AFS) for entirely compatibility with the disk-off braking system, are used by Fulcrum Wheels.

The brand also managed to have its roots in the world of Tubeless road wheels. Fulcrum comes with the innovative 2-Way Fit system that is an exclusive tire profile which allows both a Classical and the tubeless tire mounted on the same wheel, such a fantastic system.

A Perfect choice for Champions

Conquered the satisfaction and confidence of the great cyclist champions, in back to back first four years Fulcrum Wheels becomes the four times assistance in World Championship. In 2005 with Tom Boonen, while in 2006 & 2007 with Paolo Bettini the brand followed the triumph of Alessandro Ballan in 2008.

But the triumphs exceed the road competitions. Julien Absalon in 2006 and 2007 is XC World Champion and in 2008 in the Beijing Olympics wins the gold medal.

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