Fujitsu SET-ASTG30CMTA Cooling Only Split System Inverter Air Conditioner

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Brand:                                                Fujitsu
Model Number:                                 SET-ASTG30CMTA
Finish Colour:                                   White
Height (mm):                                     340 mm
Width (mm):                                      1150 mm
Depth (mm):                                      280 mm
Outdoor Unit - H x W x D:                830 x 900 x 330 mm
Max Air Flow:                                   1400 m3/hr
Cooling Capacity:                            8.5 kW
Manufacturer Warranty:                  5 Years

The Fujitsu SET-ASTG30CMTA Air Conditioner in Australia offers superior cooling performance and reaches set temperatures faster than ever before – thanks to a 30% increase in air velocity. It comes loaded with a human sensor which catches up the movement of people in a room and makes changes accordingly whereas a control port enables you for full control and convenience of a unit.

The Sleep Timer, on the other hand, progressively make changes in the temperature and gives you comfort to sleep at night. There is a Weekly Timer which lets users set on-off times for up to a week.


  • Product Type: Split System
  • Air Conditioner Type: Cooling Only
  • Brand: Fujitsu Air Conditioning
  • Model: SET-ASTG30CMTA
  • Cooling Output (kW): 8.5kW
  • Energy Efficiency (Cooling): 2 Stars
  • Product Width (cm): 115
  • Product Depth (cm): 28
  • Product Height (cm): 34
  • Weight: kg
  • Warranty: 60 months


Auto Restart: If there is a loss of power only for a second or minute, it’ll restart automatically itself in the same operating mode – once the power is restored.

Automatic Air Flow Adjustment: When you select an auto mode for a fan, the microprocessor automatically adjusts the airflow to follow changes in room temperature.

Sleep Timer: The Fujitsu SET-ASTG30CMTA’s microprocessor progressively changes a room temperature – enabling you to sleep comfortably at night.

Economy Mode: The economy mode limits the power consumption in order to improve energy efficiency and the auto-restart mode turns the unit on in case if it experiences a temporary loss of power.

Control Port: The external outputs and inputs contained within a product enable on/off control, fresh air interlock connection as well as heater bank element connection.

Human Sensor: As mentioned above, it comes loaded with a human sensor which catches movements of people in a room.


The Fujitsu SET-ASTG30CMTA Air Conditioner Price in Australia ranges from AU$2199-2299 – depends on which online store or retailer you choose to shop from. To help you buy smartly and conveniently without compromising on a plethora of bucks, we have gathered quite a few online stores offering Fujitsu SET-ASTG30CMTA at unmatched rates alongside deals and massive discounts. So, what’s the wait?