Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA Cool Only Air Conditioner

4/5 $2,025 - $3,769

Brand:                                                Fujitsu
Model Number:                                 SET-ASTG24CMCA
Finish Colour:                                   White
Height (mm):                                     295 mm
Width (mm):                                      940 mm
Depth (mm):                                      270 mm
Outdoor Unit - H x W x D:               620 × 790 × 290 mm
Max Air Flow:                                   1119 m3/hr
Cooling Capacity:                            7.1 kW
Manufacturer Warranty:                  5 Years

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The Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA Air Conditioner in Australia is an exquisite choice for larger households. This gorgeously made Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA keep your air cool while keeping electricity bills impressively down thanks to Fujitsu clever Human Sensor which picks up movements in your room and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. It also comes loaded with air filtration technology that helps remove dust particles as well as micro-organisms for healthier for you and your family.


  • Operating Type: Cooling Only
  • Power Source V/Ph/HZ: 240/1/50
  • Input Power Cooling (kW): 7.1 (1.1-8.3)
  • EER Cooling kW/kW: 3.53
  • Star Rating Cooling: 2.5
  • Running Current Cooling Amps: 8.5
  • Moisture Removal L/Hr: 2.7
  • Operating Range Cooling: -10 to 46
  • Refrigerant: R32


Auto Changeover: The Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA automatically switches from cooling to another mode based on a temperature setting and room temperature.

Human Sensor: It’s sporting a Human Sensor (as mentioned above) which catches movements of people in a room.

All DC: With all DC, electricity loss is now decreased and power consumption reduced.

 On-Off Timer: Equipped with On-Off timer which can easily be set to operate once every 24 hours.

Economy Mode: There is an Economy mode which decreases the maximum operation current and performs an operation with a power consumption suppressed.

Automatic Louvre: The Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA has an excellent position of louvres to match the operating mode. Moreover, you can control louvres through remote control.

Auto Shut Louvre:  The Auto Shut Louvre automatically close or open when it’s started or stopped.

Automatic Air Flow: When you select an auto mode for Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA’s fan, the microprocessor adjusts the airflow to follow changes in room temperature.

Auto Restart: There is nothing to be worried any further if there is a loss of power for a second or minute as it’ll automatically restart itself in the same operating mode once the electricity is back.


The Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA Air Conditioner Price in Australia ranges from AU$1599-1699 but it depends on which online platform you choose to buy from. To help you buy smartly and conveniently without breaking your banks, we have enlisted a few stores above offering Fujitsu SET-ASTG24CMCA at unmatched rates along with an instant discount and deals. So, what’s the wait?