Fujitsu ASTG24KMCA Inverter Air Conditioners

4/5 $1,857 - $3,769

Brand:                                                          Fujitu
Model:                                                          ASTG24KMCA
Finishes:                                                      White
Dimensions:                                                H 620 x W 790 x D 290
Manufacturer Warranty:                             5 Years
Cooling Capacity:                                       7.1 kW
Heating Capacity:                                       8 kW

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Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System 71kW8kW SETASTG24KMTC


Fujitsu 71kW8kW Inverter RC Split System ASTG24KMTC


Fujitsu 71kW8kW Inverter RC Split System ASTG24KMTC


Apart from laptops and mobile Fujitsu also manufacture household appliances such as Air Conditioners for those who need a comfortable sleep at night. The Fujitsu ASTG24KMCA Inverter Air Conditioner in Australia is easily available for the people of Australia to make their hot day’s cool calm and comfortable so that they can sleep easily.


  • Brand: Fujitsu 
  • Model: ASTG24KMCA
  • Kilowatts: 7.1 kilowatts
  • Cooling Capacity: 7.1 kilowatts
  • Heating Capacity: 8 kilowatts
  • Reverse Cycle: Yes 
  • Type: Inverter Split AC


This amazing AC comes with the best feature which is that this air conditioner can accelerate when anyone walks into a room and slow down again after they leave. This has a great impact on your pockets that less electricity is used when the room is not occupied which saves your bills. It cleans and filters the air of your home while it cools or heats to remove bacteria and dust. To ensure that it filters are working perfectly or needed to be clean, a reminder light switches on which shows the status of the filter. One of the most popular features of this air conditioner is the sleep mode, which helps you to relax more comfortably by changing the temperature over time. It also helps prevent the air conditioner from cooling your bedroom during sleep.

This AC comes with 2.5 kilowatts of power which makes it a powerful cooling unit. This AC is designed in such a way which makes it the best inverter AC to swing all the coolness around the room. As we have seen some of the most amazing AC with amazing specs just like Panasonic CSCUU25TKR Inverter Air Conditionerwhich are also available in Australia.


This is one of the best AC with the best features to make your rough routine much better than before. Fujitsu ASTG24KMCA Inverter Air Conditioner price in Australia ranges from 1800$ to 3200$ AUD. We've set up several stores where you can compare and purchase this type of AC.