Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA 5.0KW Air Conditioners

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Brand:                                                Fujitsu
Model No. - Indoor:                           ASTG18KUCA
Model No. - Outdoor:                        AOTG18KUCA
Reverse Cycle System:                     Yes
Cooling Capacity (Watts):                5,000
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h):               17,100
Range (Watts):                                  900-6,000
Range (BTU/h):                                 3,100-20,500
Heating Capacity (Watts):                6,000
Heating Capacity (BTU/h):               20,400
Power Supply (Volts):                      240
Phase-Frequency (Ph - Hz):            1-50
Power Supply Attachment:             Outdoor
Fan Speed:                                        4
Compressor Type:                           DC Rotary
Refrigerant Type:                             R32

This amazingly intelligent Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA Air Conditioner in Australia make your home cool in warmer months and heat your rooms during a more cooling season while mounted securely on your wall. This exquisite ASTG18KUCA is sure to match the décor of any room with its sleek and gorgeous design and comprises and boasts a human sensor control feature that minimises energy usage by measuring social movement in a place.

Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA Air Conditioner Specifications

  • Product Type: Inverter Split System
  • Air Conditioner Type: Reverse Cycle
  • Model: ASTG18KUCA
  • Cooling Output: 5.0 kW
  • Heating Output: 6.0 kW
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Stars (Cooling)
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Stars (Heating)


  • Indoor Unit: 87.0 – Outdoor Unit 79.0 cm (Width)
  • Indoor Unit: 18.5 – Outdoor Unit 29.0 cm (Depth)
  • Indoor Unit: 28.2 – Outdoor Unit: 62 cm (Height)
  • Warranty: 60 Months

Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA Air Conditioner Features:

Rest Easy: The appealing feature of Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA is a Sleep Mode which is specially designed to help you rest more comfortably by changing the temperature gradually over time. Moreover, this mode helps to prevent the air conditioner from overcooling your bedroom when you are asleep.

Energy-Saving: Equipped with the human sensor which detects whenever someone enters or leaves a room. This air conditioner automatically adjusts the performance accordingly, which means when a room is empty, the fan runs only at a low speed – saving energy. Hence, keeping you and your family money on electricity.

Evenly Directed Airflow: No matter if you are heating or cooling, the ASTG18KUCA’s swing louvre helps to direct its airflow evenly spreading a warm or cold air throughout your room.

 Pick Up Right Where You Left Off: In case, there is a sudden power failure, the auto-restart function comes into play. The system automatically memorizes the exact settings you’d had set – so when the power comes back online you can pick up where right you’d left off.

Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA Air Conditioner Price:

The Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA Air Conditioner Price in Australia ranges from 1499-1599 – varies from store to store. Above, we have compiled numerous online stores offering Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA at different rates alongside deals and massive discounts. So, what’s the wait?